Sunday, September 13, 2009

in the quiet of a Saturday's morning....

a cell phone ring
from a restricted cell phone
a week later
after the despairing night
when pain and harsh words splintered in the night
today a connection
I hesitated but communication is healing
for all of us
I meekly said hello
she delivered information about the week
the girls work in their school
the ill father-in-law
her work schedule
and yet she did not reverse her closure ...her breech...her accusations
I listened...
and I said very little
sometimes we all say something best
when we say nothing at all...
the door was showing a crack in connection
I will be there
if she happens to call once again
I feel grateful
I am thankful
we may move forward in Peace
Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Mary Helen,

    I will keep you in my meditations that this issue is lovingly resolved. ((((hugs))))

    Anne (Gayle's Friend)

  2. Thank you Anne, I have downloaded a wonderful photo of you and your mother...I may be contacting you to see if I can employ this photo into a body of work for my exhibit next year. "whispers and echoes" of Women's work in May 2010 so think about it and peace comes one step at a time. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary helen