Sunday, September 13, 2009

the weather could not be more perfect than today...

I have been playing in the studio... with ironing the bits and pieces for my assemblage that is coming together. I fixed and patched my beloved 800 count fitted sheet...they are the softest, most comfortable fibers in the world and make getting into bed a real sensual pleasure. It may not look as "good" as the original state but it will hopefully give these beloved sheets another winter. I made a beautiful scarf from an awesome ethnic print with golden printed stamps on an ombre dyed sheen that is like wearing a sunset. I kept busy sorting colorful beads and buttons to go with the the final third on my Kath Walker sunset work. It is now becoming clear to me that the sheets were a warm soft golden color, the linen pieces and table cloth were printed in earthy golden and yellows and the scarf is a flaming sunset to wrap on a cool autumn evening. I was working in the sunshine colors of this blessed Fall day.

I wanted originally to go over to Columbus for an opening at the Ohio Design Craftsman Museum for the reception for "Conversations in Fabric" with art quilts curated in by Linda Fowler and her partner Tracey Rieger. Susan Shie has one of her wonderful narrative Obama quilts on the front of the postcard announcement. Ken is finally keeping his sugar down but his energy is very limited so we can check this out later because the exhibit will run until November 1, 2009. I am still under the weather myself with a nagging cough that won't allow me to sleep through the night. So homeward bound is fine for us.... the day was perfect for working on little rituals in the house we love.

Thank you for the love and moral support I have received from my blog friends and life is looking a little brighter...small steps toward peace on earth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love all the fiber pics! YUM---want to touch them all!!!
    We're still fighting a nagging flu-cough here...and I'm tired of it because it really cuts into my studio time!(fatigue, etc.)
    Hope health is around the corner for all of us.


  2. Unfortunately today I was at the doctors for a nagging cough they think is bronchitis so let us dance to the happy health fairy and get on with our busy lives.!!!! Imagine Peace, Mary helen