Monday, September 7, 2009

hurry up morning....

heavy heart
lost daughter
how did this happen?
why the lie?
anger muddies clear thoughts
tears flow like hot searing irons
into a brutalized spirit...
what happened?
why the lie?
a child facing a painful truth
a child that has been loved from the first moment she took an earthly breath
did I betray
did I speak out of turn
a already known fact
why the anger?
my senses are exploding
my loss of seeing my grand children
devastation fills me tonight
why is my daughter so angry?
how could she turn away again?
a cancer growing in her human heart
but they are her feelings...
so much anger
so much anger
toxic poison seethes
why is this happening when time is all we really have.
grief overwhelms me in this darkest night
thunder is beginning to rumble
a thunder is beating around a broken tight heart.
a thunder is beating around a broken tight heart.

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