Wednesday, September 30, 2009

colors of joy...exhibit in Granville at the Bryn Du Mansion

Tonight was an exciting celebration of artists with a vision and an excellent diverse source of mediums and styles. The LCA was represented with several members who shared their best works in color, lines and textures. Kathy Anderson had four of her landscapes, Tony Reynolds had a vessel and his wonderful table, Carolyn Brubaker had her "Heading Home " watercolor, Judy Doyle had two of her watercolors "resting" and "Falling leaves" , James Hatfield shared his penguin study, and Kay Kenyon had four more of her watercolors with Rosanna Moore's four wood works of Art. Art and Irma Perry were well represented with their paintings and Barb Sterling was very pleased to have two of her works selected. One of our former artist and a favorite of mine is Young Tae Lee with four of his wondrous oil and mixed media paintings and he looks great, confident and his skills are growing despite economic struggle to make a living as an artist. His smile was full and authentic as he described his life with a very busy two year old boy and lovely wife. Jennifer Kinsley had an example of one of her delightful hand made books and her students helped to install this exhibit as part of their learning lesson. I was fortunate enough to meet three young artists from the C-tec art classes as juniors and seniors in her program. Lynn Logan Grimes was an excellent juror with a wide lens to select and evaluate the richness in the Arts we are nourishing here in Licking County. Be sure to check this exhibit out before 10/09/09... we want to go back before it closes so we can really see the works without the crowd of admirers and patrons. I took some photos but I know I want to save the memory by going back to capture the show. There was a new sculptor in town and her works are in bronze... I think but her name is Renate Margit - Fackler who now lives in Hebron, Ohio and her works seem to dance before you.

I need to get the work done and tomorrow is a dental day...necessary but I could do so much more. I got my needed license plates on the very last day and decided to give up my Lady Art vanity plate due to increases in costs and now I can make a purse or a chair embellishment or sculptor for myself. Watch for an upcoming article by our friend Brian Miller for the Granville Sentinel... he was rushing to cover as many impressions as possible tonight but as I said the crowd was a real joy for the artists . A good time was had by all so I do hope you will get to see this exhibit. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. It truly is a wonderful show! Good to see you and Ken.We will be docents Monday 3 to 5pm. It should be fairly quiet then to enjoy the show again without the crowd.

  2. WOW! Sounds like a lovely, artful evening, with lots of talent and good vibes from happy artists! What more could one ask for?
    And as to the liscense plate---I firmly believe art supplies trump anything else....other than maybe a good bottle of wine now and then, WITH the art supplies!
    Take it easy (yeah, right!)---I have one out of house meeting and then banners to sew on, plus got a call yesterday about a very large commission for a church, so that's brewing in the skull too! Life is good!