Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th...eight years later...

As I sit in the peaceful sunshine this afternoon my mind returns to the pain and loss our country experienced eight years ago. The bell tolls as names are read and remembered and I feel the ache in my own heart. Ground Zero and twin beams of lights fill the New York skyline to remind us never to forget how hate destroys our humanity. This afternoon an actual piece of the twin towers was placed near the Westerville Fire Memorial..."C-4" is a steel beam from between the 98th and 100th floor. This reliquary will place homage and honor to our fallen Americans and the rescue team who fought to retrieve the survivors and find a sense of closure for the families left behind. I happened to be in Dayton, Ohio when this dark threatening day injured our sense of safety in America. The fighter jets and the black hawk helicopters were flying above in the sky over Dayton...there were no answers to be had and I knew I needed to get home to my family. I began my personal mantra on that day...Imagine and Live in Peace" even though I was attempting to live a peaceful life. As I close my journals and correspondence I attempt to pass it on to all I LOVE and care for. The power of one person...a quiet voice to share an affirmation of Hope for us all.

Tonight is the opening of the Old Town East Neighborhood's "Hot Times Festival" celebrating the heritage and music of a historical Columbus close knit community. The foods and the Arts plus an incredible opportunity to view and tour some of the architectural homes in the community is priceless. The intricacies in design and gardens invite you to come closer and learn the stories of the founding founders of Columbus. They just do not even try to build homes or comm unties like this any more so preservation is so valuable to maintaining a living History for all. Many artists live in this community and this activity is important in maintaining visibility and pride living in this community. The festival continues through Sunday and hopefully those nearby can stop by for Smokey Joe's barbecue and some good time funky music. I realize there is an Ohio State football game on Saturday and traffic can be a deterrent but hang in there and enjoy the good times!!!

Say a prayer for peace, hug those you love and reach out to make a difference in your own life. I am going back to my is a very quiet way to center and focus on my blessing during difficult times. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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