Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell to Mary...leaving on a jet plane

I guess with the cooler weather I am in the mood to study my kitchen recipes to help Ken with his diabetes and keeping his blood sugars down so as I was playing with center cut pork chops and fresh vegetables in the big french stock pot. It was then in that moment I heard the news about Mary Travers from Peter, Paul and Mary...she had died from leukemia and my heart literally sank. At 72 she has left too soon and the world will miss her as we greet the morning tomorrow. I was a young girl in Louisville, Kentucky when she played at an open concert. I could play one or two of their songs on my guitar and found myself more inspired by their dedication to making music that would heal our world. The words to"blowing in the wind" by Dylan resonated in my heart and head then and now.

I spent most of the day putting household duties into a simulated "order" ...tomorrow is another day but hopefully I can see the bottom of my table again. It was nice to sit down with the ritual of a bright table cloth and bon appetite dinner plates. I am now sorting the bag of treasures and tomorrow after hand treating stains and mending small battle scars and tears . I will wash them and arrange them for future composition. I lose myself in working with my hands and before I realize it the evening is about over and I need to do my handwork. I want to remember to take some photos to share. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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