Friday, September 4, 2009

a day at the park....

We had planned to spend the day at The Works but unfortunately they were closed for maintenance and whatever. My daughter came from Columbus with her two in tow so we shifted our plans and went to the rotary park to play in the sunshine and sand ...digging. With a packed lunch bag lunch to help Cole get used to carrying his lunch to start day care next Wednesday. It was simple pleasures in the shade of a fairly young maple tree and soft summer breezes enveloped us in a natural high. Morgan is 7 1/2 months old and just beginning to crawl and explore ..."hey what do you have over there?" ..."it looks better than my sweet potatoes"... "where is that music coming from?". It is a simple exercise in letting go of adult expectations and getting down to a baby's eye level or dig in a big sand box just to be in the soft sugary sand on one of those last summer day's. I took a few photos for when the snow blows in a cold January here in Ohio so I will be able to step back into time to remember the gentle touch of these children...our most precious gifts. Cole and Erin made me sugar cookies...59 is fine and homemade cookies were the perfect gift.

I picked up Maya and Sabrina after school but Maya needed a little extra time to finish a test...I don't remember the fourth grade being so complex. We then headed home to finish their homework and take practice spelling tests that I attempted to make into a funny game with silly sentences. I did not get to work with my new old fabrics but tomorrow I will wash and evaluate the outcomes of how I would enjoy processing them. I have a new wooden rack to set them out into the elements to add other design elements (rust or paint applications and stamps for example) to the cloths to help them "tell their story". My disintegration project earlier this year opened up doors for exploration I never would have conceived without my participation with artists all over the globe. Thank you Seth for your continued energies and inspiration. I also want to make a run to the fabric store for the sales and hit a craft store to use a 50% off coupon on something new to experiment with.

I feel a sadness for a closing summer with only two days to use the pool. This has been a year of firsts in sharing my love for the water with the girls and how glorious I feel in a cooling pool... no worries here about how thin I should be and how as a woman we should all be a size zero....hooey! The school is a very good distraction for them but as I am learning to working alone I miss my pals. I am grateful for the long lazy days where we just hung out together. Have a great evening. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Did we miss your birthday? If so, happy, happy!!
    Love the pix, and love your excellent summation of the magic of viewing the world throuh their eyes. Glad you got to be together.