Thursday, October 1, 2009

new treasures to play with...

After I sat in the dental chair with a very lovely hygienist for an hour I treated myself to a wonderful tuna sub from Subway with every thing except the oil on a multi-grain fresh baked bun. No, it is not zero calories but the flavors were wonderful and gave me the energy to" seek and find" fragile fiber pieces from anonymous women for me to layer into my narrative pieces. I spent more than I normally do but they are just exquisite touches of threads united for a function and form. I also found two delightful plates for the fireplace as the winter snows blow outside my windows drifting on my steep but exquisite hillside. The child in me could not resist and they were only $2.50 each and will be quaint on for me and one to give away to a loved one.

After this exciting thrilling hunt for treasures I hit another art supply/ and fabric store and bought vintage looking patterns on sale for 99 cents...usually $15.95 ...such a steal. I found a jacket design I will alter in a funky way....Project Runway is on in the background....make it work Mary!!! LOL. I discover soft alphabet stamps on clearance for $1.43 instead of $9.99 and perfect for adding the printed text onto my painted and dyed fabrics...I am so inspired by Seth Alter's delicious layers he is employing in his Handbook. I realize they are totally different processes and final projects but looking into an other's works and really seeing the beauty inspires me to say "what if???" I found a new glitter in a burnt coppery color; to incorporate into my fabric paints..I have never done this so who knows what will happen...isn't it exciting not knowing exactly what will happen? I need to grab some quick photos to share as they works come or not together. I also found a new product to practice my photo transfers of my women for my planned...well at least I am thinking out loud...planned. It was great being out and find such wonderful art supplies today...I know the cashier looks at me in dismay not really knowing what I want to do with the materials but some of the regular staff is beginning to know me as Lady Art....she stretches her bang for the buck and the clearance wall is one of my favorites!!!!

When I came home I found a beautiful creature ; a small little bird and sweet...yet somehow she broke her neck hitting a window. ( I have colored glass in every window to make the windows visible in the bright sunlight to hopefully prevent this disaster.) I photographed her in different settings to maybe commemorate her short life on this planet. I felt a sense of grief and real loss and wanted to give her a proper burial but Ken came home and said "Did you touch that dead bird?" and threw her away. I was devastated but bit my tongue because he is just worried about germs. I was so touched by her fragility of her small body in a green cloak of feathers and her speckled breast that once held her tiny beating heart. A miracle in design and form...once in flight on the whispers of the wind. I may commemorate her short life in a small intimate fiber piece so I can bring her spirit back in exquisite tiny Delica beads. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh I'm almost in tears on this! I think the top right photo would be a lovely "I dream of flight" type design...a jumping off place.
    And yes, I would have buried her too. Germs or no germs. You have no idea how many sparrows I have brought in during the dead of winter, because I know they are dying and I cannot bear to see them freeze. I put them in a box with soft towels and water and food, just in case, and let them pass in comfort.
    I don't know what that makes me.......crazy I guess. I just don't believe in disposable souls in any creatures...and compassion towards all is a priority.
    Now on the *UP* side---what finds!!!! Especially the patterns......quite pea green with envy on those! (like I have time to sew...HA!)


  2. I think we both are in touch with the often overlooked creatures we share the planet with. I bought the patterns and yet time will prove to be an interesting proposition in finding them. It is good to see you laughing LOL. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen
    I so enjoy hearing from you lady!