Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seek the sacred in the Ordinary...

Women who ran with the wolves...
In 1994 my sacred sister gave me a small book that I revisited tonight...Abraham H. Maslow describes the great lesson from the true that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one's daily life, in one's neighbors, friends, and family, one's own back yard. This is so simple but somehow as an artist I forget the simplicity in the daily often mundane movements in my day. A phone call from a friend who needed an ear to "listen with my heart". My dear mother in law called in the afternoon to share some family news and I assured her that every new life is a gift from God no matter when they mother said the first child can come anytime...after that they all usually take nine months. I talked to my daughter Erin and she was having a better day today...threads of connections to my heart...and yes I did get some assemblage work tonight. I am beginning to feel the time limits for my process completion for the exhibit...whoa...this is wasted energy. I will get to May 28th one step at a time... I am preparing mentally and doing the work.

Tonight I am enthralled once again by the skaters in Vancouver...Evan Lysacek has performed his finest performance and it is now up to how the other skaters perform and the bonus numbers from the judges. Johnny Weir is wearing silver and sequins but no make-up tonight..."always be yourself" and recognize the beauty in his own soul. His program is called "Fallen Angel" and reflects his growth since the Torino games. These young men display grace and strength with an amazing sense of poise and artistry. The Russian skater was wonderful and only lost by one point in the judges to Evan and this was a night remember. Congratulations Evan for 257.67 Gold Medal celebrations! The promise of our future is evident tonight as the youth of the world unite to share their dreams.

I am going to risk something new for my smaller works...I am creating callographs from fibers to be used to print textures of sheer fabric to add layers before I even add the story with my threads and embellishments. I retrieved a fabric that I collaborated with Susan Shie and Marge Burkell back in 1994 where we played with an airbrush and some newer paints designed for fabrics. I had wondered where this piece would take my sacred marks and now I have planned a prayerful memory page of our very own Wooster Woodstock 1994. Susan Shie has been a very important inspiration over the last twenty years...she is my lady of white light! I am not sure what Marge is doing ..we drifted apart as she moved into Amway and her family. Marge was an incredible colorist and I miss her wonderful way with design and colors. Now I will recapture that August afternoon collaboration and barbecue! I am pulling out several important narratives and love stories from the women who have guided my vision and my life as an artist.
I need to get up early tomorrow to see the OSU hospital Lupus specialist and double check the availability for my March Brain procedure. I am not sure I will be able to sleep tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Always enjoy your posts. You sound excited about your exhibit. How wonderful!
    Hope all goes well with your procedure.

  2. oo i hope you were able to sleep...interesting you should mention the women/wolves before yesterday, we had an escape mexican grey wolf who was let go by a do-gooder...they are part of a breeding program here in MN because there are only 150 left in the world. some of them are housed at our MN zoo and some are in a sactuary north of where i live. after the "do-gooder" broke the wolves out, 1 of them was not captured...until the city where i live...we were so worried about her because of all the roads & freeways and because someone might mistake her for a coyote...she was saved and returned to her sisters yesterday, it was amazing to see how happy she seemed to be home with her siblings......follow your heart your energy, keep listening to those heart strings...risk something new