Wednesday, February 24, 2010

today I heard that naps make you smarter...I must be as smart as Einstein

We went out to a quiet lunch for a break in the week... I had grilled chicken with roasted red and green peppers, onions with grilled fresh squash and olive oil coated roasted herb potatoes. Yum Yum! Hot coffee and a renewed energy to seek out 8 more safari hats for Cole's third birthday in a few weeks. Success and giggles as we walked out under a soft snowfall. We tackled the needed groceries and continued our fresh foods and the less processed the product the better. It will take time but we both can feel a difference physically and by the summer months we should be able to see some visible I will not be a model who is a size 4 but possibly my blood pressure will be down and the healthy approach helps me prepare for my procedures. I came home and put away half of the multiple bags and went to lay down for a moment. After three hours I woke up to make a huge pot of 16 bean soup for the next couple of days...the soup always taste better a day later.

Now I am back into the Olympics and reading the messages on the back of the old vintage postcards ...why did I stop writing my little letters and postcards. I love receiving mail can save it and read it over and over again when friends have to move away. This simple handwritten message is priceless and can never be replaced. My ATC's are a small avenue to send to people who like a hand touched, written message to let my Golden friends are still in my heart.

I will add another glimmer of golden glaze to the photos I am showing you tonight...poor Ken woke up to several art processes drying on kitchen counters this morning. God bless this patient man who supports my passions and vision. I am also heading to Dawes Arboretum tomorrow morning for story time with Erin's mothers group ...hopefully the sun will come out and a few photos will enter my mind's eye to layer into my smaller works. I have been thinking about finding a written form to add context onto a few pieces. I did this before with Pigma pens but it is so light you have to come very close to see the messages of farewell to a brother. I have also considered stamping with permanent inks and various fonts but I will totally need to practice on some smaller design elements. I need to get back to work now...know how much I appreciate out threads of connection. I have a small group that makes it easy to read and relish each person's challenges and passages. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

a snowy foggy day...the woods are clearing...

the fabrics from my past in transition with layers...

my constant companions ...the fluffy fur keeps them warm on my cold hillside...

my photograph altered by adding metallic threads and a Liquitex opal surface treatment... I am not too sure about this step... we will see...


  1. I love the altering that you have done to the photo. Looking forward to seeing where you take this next!

  2. The deer look so interested in you. lol As, if they were talking amongst themselves and then you came along, "Yes, dear, can we help you? Lost are you?
    At first I thought you were doing some graffiti backgrounds. Love the colors.
    16 bean soup sounds very much like the stone soup we used to make at retreats. :)Bea

  3. Always enjoy your posts. Love all the color in your work. Color always makes me feel so good. The deer in the snow are beautiful. No snow here, but we did have it in the hill country of Texas, about 3 hours north of me. You just never know.