Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday is thaw day...

I have been researching women in the Arts and are being rediscovered today by designers for handbags and Nike skinny gym shoes. Paule Marrot is a French artist who was an engraved,painter, print maker and textile designer who was born in Bordeaux in1902 and studied Sacred Art decorative arts at the age of 14. At 22 she was hand painting her fabrics that were sold to designers and shown at Salon des Artistes and finally met Jean Schlumberger who collaborated with her until his death in 1963. Now in 2010 many young designers of home furnishings and linens are beings inspired by her colorful designs and rich textures. "You paint with your heart the flowers of the field" and with this inspiration she lived an artist life to the fullest!

I went out to pick up some paper punches that were 70 % off and a white Deco Color paint marker to use on my fabrics and in my journal as I work out my compositional proposals for several smaller works. I also picked up a Pen Touch quick dry white ink that is permanent... I am hoping that it will not smear when apply wet mediums on top of the page. I went on a hunt for some heavy crochet fibers to hopefully use in my Collagraphs to be incorporated in my printing on top of my hand dyed fabrics. The book I am reading is COLLAGRAPHS and mixed media printmaking by Brenda Hartill and Richard Clarke...they have given pertinent details and simple approaches to hopefully successfully reach the effect I am hope to discover. It sounds like a plan doesn't it? I found a hand-printed kitchen towel from the 1950's by an artist Dauray...I took this as a sign from the muses that I was on to something worth pursuing. I found three frames that open to have a shadowbox black frame with 8 by 10 space for an assemblage and a linen side to stitch a fiber small work on sale from $24.99 to now an affordable $7.99. Life is good! Well I am back to the Olympics and working on my second full moon composition ...The Hunger Moon or The Snow Moon for my collaboration with Bea at her Dog in the Hole Studio. Have a wonderful Sunday morning! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Isn't inspiration wonderful? I feel your excitement in starting a new project.

    I was looking through reference photos today, feeling possibilities of new paintings.

  2. I would love to go shopping with you. Really. What fun! And, after shopping we could stop for tea and look at all the things you have purchased and you could tell me, with your eyes shinning, what you were going to do with each and every one of them. And, I could sip my tea and watch the creative energy surround you and work it's healing magic. But, since I can't and outside of this planet there is no such thing as time I will imagine that we have and drink my tea. :)Bea

  3. I hot footed it to Big Lots, where the small Fredrix canvasses were on sale.....20% off entire purchase.
    I now have enough to start a store.....
    You and I need to shop! I can never find punches on sale, and that irks me. Not that I really need them; it's just the principle!
    Back to finishing the rearrange of the studio that about killed me last evening. I did not tell DH what I had totally been up to....he just had a hint.
    Hope you have fun with all your goodies and I apologize for not being here more often.
    I have just been overwhelmed of late...


  4. o that top photo of the sun in the trees is beautiful!

  5. Great photos- and great shopping finds!!! I need to get busy on my first Full Moon art doll!!LOL Can't wait to see yours!!
    Announcing a teabag swap on Tuesday - drop in!!!