Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy birthday Tina Marie!

May 4th, 1984...Gotcha day in both my heart and my soul. Tina Marie you were a small underweight little angel who could barely speak due to years of ear infections that were not treated with simple antibiotics. You absolutely refused to sleep through the night for the first year and a half but...your canine guardian...little Tasha stayed between our bedrooms and would sound the alarm that something had frightened you. I would pick you up and wrap a quilt around us and rock away the sacrey thoughts and I would sing "you are my only sunshine" and caress you back to a deep sleep. I love my heart's memory and the best memories are tied to heartstrings...May God bless you and keep you safe from harm as now you are the loving mother of three little girls who call you Mommy. Imagine and Live in Peace, your Mother, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tina Marie is the little sister...Sherry Lynn is the big sister. They were three and four when they first came into my life and my heart. They were so cute but at this age ...they walked and talked and said No! very easily.


  1. I remember those little faces! I can't believe that was 25 yrs ago - I'm really feeling old, now! Hope you were able to have a good lunch for Tina's birthday. Tell everyone I said hi! Julie