Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dwell on your dreams...

What is it about cold snowy days filled with the yearning for numerous naps under a soft and familiar quilt? My dreams were of sunshine and our temporal lives here on earth. I called my daughter and her little boy has such an imagination that he was on his way to stay in Florida...complete with his sunglasses and one of his hats! Funerary services in my unusual dreams were as real as some of the ones we have attended and yet of so surreal in the manner we were dressed for rituals and the ceremony's procedures came out of a "dream". What the heck does this mean? I will have to remain quiet and think about the images before I say too much more about my dreams. My friend's husband was in this dream and he has gone to a heaven for his loving life he lead here on earth. I also noticed the plethora of gray hair on my head as I stared at my face in the morning mirror. Is this all possibly connected subconsciously? The White Out from all the snow is like a Hitchcock movie in my head and yes I realize I am growing into my sixth decade. Mortality at my door.

I am decorating my gray woolen hat for a celebratory affirmation for the victory of the New Orleans Saints on Sunday! I do not get the "Who dat?" cheer they have perfected but I was surprised to see how happy the people of New Orleans having a new reason to celebrate once again. Whenever I wear my cap I will think a positive thought for the determined people making a new life in a city I want to some day visit. The History and the stories of this city have always drawn me to their hometown but I do not think I am a Madi Gras celebrant ...I am more into the mysteries of the melting cultures and the delicious foods they have to offer.

Snow is still softly drifting down on an already blanketed hillside but the weather specialists are warning us of blizzard like conditions with continued snows and 4o mile per hour winds. We have over two feet of snow right now and I expect a few more inches when we wake up tomorrow. I am praying to Saint Jude ...isn't he the saint for impossible situations? ...to protect our home and my beloved trees and their spirits so I can work tonight in peace. May you all be safe in your beds and warm under your favorite quilts tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a lovely post. The snow looks beautiful. I wanted to say thanks, once again, for your positive, thoughtful and uplifting message. I do somehow think angels are guiding me on this piece. xo

  2. I know what you mean about mortality knocking at the door - it is never in your thoughts when you are young and carefree!!! LOL
    Your snowman looks how I am beginning to feel about this snOMG 2010!!Enough already.......:>)

  3. Well, that snowperson just made me SMILE bigtime.
    We are in different parts of the country and yet staring at the same white stuff. The sun has come out today and the shadows on the snow are sharp and surreal at the same time. I watched the Red Tail Hawk sit for the longest time, in a nearby tree. Finding food becomes harder for the animals with all this snow. Thankfully, there are no tracks by my little apple trees yet. I hope they don't munch on them this year. :)Bea