Monday, February 1, 2010

Congratulations Barbara and Vita!!!

I picked up Quilting Arts for February and March 2010... a bright yellow and orange enticing cover ready to jump off the shelves! Fabric to art quilt... and thread sketching. I opened to discover two wonderful articles .... The Power of Repetition and a conversation with art quilter Barbara Watler. Barbara has been an artist friend for over twenty years and has generously shared her journey and quick wit of her journey as an artist in the contemporary art world. The second surprise was a Vita Marie Lovett and her incredible masterpieces on canvas with thread paintings. We were in Paris in 1997 for a small suitcase exhibit for the Art Quilt Network and we spent the week exploring the wonderful city of lights and unfortunately we went to the tunnel where we lost Princess Diana as she fled from the paparazzi photographers. We were solemnly there to witness the out pouring of love and the art installation that was on display from mourners from all around the world. I have been blessed with the grace of other artists who share their journey and visions and have been such kind individuals who give back to their families, communities and making the world a more beautiful world. I hope you would enjoy meeting these two incredible women.

I am sketching with my chain stitch the outlining colors of my moon wolf. It is amazing by working upside down I am developing my own new technique to add details to my small relaxing work. I will return to my larger quilt within a day or two but having something else to rest my eyes and hands with is quite refreshing! That is why I do enjoy creating small artist trading cards...they free you up and remind you to remember to play. Imagine and Live in the moment of Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

More buttons and tiny tea cups for inspiration.

Merinda...the quilt that was in Paris as I demonstrated my slow process of sewing one bead at a time to create her wild hair!

Vita Marie Lovett and Me and her friend Angie...three crazy girls exploring Paris on a cold winter's night.

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