Monday, February 22, 2010

revisiting the little prince...

"One sees clearly only with his heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." The Little Prince

I have had a rough day after last night's injections. Fevers and aches and to top it all off it was a sky covered with a gray velvet blanket...Ken and I both were feeling out of sort. When I was able to be up and around I cut up some art papers given to me to use in some of my works. Yes it was mechanical but at the same time I washed some batik fabrics for my Snow Moon composition. My mind has been foggy like the day and just keeping my feet moving was a goal for today. I finally received my new book for long cold winter days ...A Guide for Grown-Ups ...the essential wisdom from the collected works from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It is an immediate relief from the grayness of the end of February. This small book has little quotes and vignettes to read and think on ...and the fact that my copy of the Little Prince I have had since 1975 is all highlighted this is a way to renew my appreciation for this gentle writer who graced our earth for such a short time. (1900-1944)

Tonight I have been trying to get my stitching back into a gentle rhythm so I can get another couple of inches embellished. When I take a break...I lose my momentum and so I reach for inspiration by checking in on other blogs in my small circle on the net. Thank you for being there...I can travel around the world and still stay in my pajamas :o)...thank you for being there. I can begin once again to dwell on my mind dreams until the energy returns and follows my thought process to create. My medications have drained my brain power but I tell myself I will be back to normal by tomorrow. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Welcome Deborah to my circle...I am hoping you will enjoy my journey as I make my sacred marks. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I admire you. I really do. The process you go through could make you angry, frustrated, sad, any number of emotions and yet you find something beautiful to think about, you move, slowly but slow cloth is good, you keep moving forward and I admire that in you. And, to think you do it all in high heels and backwards! :)Bea

  3. Mary Helen I hope today finds you feeling better and brighter
    The stitches you make deep and colorful and exactly as you want them.

  4. Hi Honey,
    I love seeing pictures of your finds and seeing what you eventually do with them. I am sending your button out today. I never have a lot of energy these days or much get up-and-go which explains why it took me some long to mail it. In the future I hope you share the source of your thrifty finds. I can't get over hearing about punches at 70% off :) I hope that you are feeling a hundred times better today and have the opportunity to get in some good work.