Saturday, February 27, 2010

postcards written with love...

Feel free to enlarge the images to check the art marks...the top one is 1910
Valentine's for a missed, loved brother serving his country....
I think this was published before the TV series The Honeymooners...a wee bit violent
I have gone on a journey with the handwritten messages and affirmations written on the back of postcards in 1908. I was drawn to the St. Patrick's "Erin go Brah" because of the upcoming date for my brain procedure with my neuro-surgeon on the 17th. I am going to make a small fabric assemblage with this funny 1908 image embellished with a special green leaf button that I received in the mail today from Button Flozzie. I plan on sneaking it in the surgery room for good luck...if not it will give Ken something to hold onto during the six hour procedure. The next postcard with the bathing beauties may end up as a birthday card...the "little difference of opinion" cartoon cards are quite violent and I was surprised to see how they were created before my own mother was born!

The Valentine post cards were for a special brother serving in the service...maybe the Navy from the anchor image shown... and he was away from home for the first time. The tenderness and consideration demonstrated in these special love cards seems so genuine compared to some of the craziness I saw being marketed this past Valentine's day. The holiness of a family celebration at Christmas time in 1908 was a gentle reminder that I may have lost my consciousness about keeping the quiet family renewal in the season of Christmas was refreshed by the loving messages on these holiday greetings of love from across the country. The snow scenes seem a little too familiar after the month of snow we have experienced in the Midwest.

I am not too sure how these messages will become a fresh approach to my assemblages ... to writing the old fashion way to people who matter... you can always reach back and hold their words in your hands when they are gone. I am having a tough time typing and spelling is all over the place and backwards at times... with a severe headache so I better stop and be still...still in the moment. I just thought I would share these bits of history in a family's passage. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Take care of yourself my friend!!!! That is always my classic migraine precursor; dyslexia. I may not feel it, but I know it's coming.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the share of the post cards---I love the images and color on the old ones. Thank you for putting them up.
    You will be on my calender for the 17th. I pray all goes well.
    Now rest, and relax and if you're up to it, do a little something artsy or fibery is that a word or did i just make it up?)
    Love and big hugs to you......♥♥♥


  2. Hi Mary Helen- how curious, I've been reading your blog postings and I was sure I left a comment on one explaining what "Steam Punk" is. Well, here's my definition again, anyway...
    Steamp Punk is a genre, you can read about that genre here:
    Basically, it's Victorian imagery mixed in with post apocalyptic sensibilities. I hope that makes sense.
    Love Debs