Thursday, February 18, 2010

Merci...Gracias...Thank You for your support...

writing is me being pulled by the cycles of a gentle moment at a time
I have been going along watching in other blog spot celebrations when the writer hits the 300th post on their blog and I looked down tonight and realized I hit this number without realizing actually accomplishing this feat. What have I learned? I am no longer afraid to put my feelings and words down...releasing intimate fears... celebrating the smallest family joys...sharing processes...adding photography and free verse when I feel it is worth sharing...participating in several global collaborations just for the pleasure of sharing a moment in time with a person I may never meet... gentle spirits who read without judgment and often with words of comfort and support... this Internet gathering is a gentle circle to hear and share our truths. Thank you for all of your kindnesses and patience as I learn my own limitations along with my skills to develop a meaningful dialogue, personal and quiet most of the time...ordinary measures of a day shared ...this alone is enough to empower me to focus a brief account or evidence if you wish of my life as an artist. My best quote I have given this year is "calm quiet movements...calm quiet moments...have become my guardians ...and for all artists" Imagine and Live in Peace, Thank you all. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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