Thursday, April 29, 2010

This morning I realized that I did too much yesterday...

Top, far right is Morgan with Grandma (not my dog--Rosie).

For a short body refused to get up this morning. Ken went in early for his student teachers and I did not sleep well last night because my little Morgan had a very small procedure including surgery ...10 minutes but still surgery. Erin called me early to reassure me that all was well and Morgan was just plain mad...I like that in her...she was not amused and we all know that now. After the talk on the phone I drifted back to sleep and finally relaxed enough to lose half a day.

"The core of creation is to summon an image and the power to work with that image." Anais Nin , "The Novel of the Future"

I began on my Eva Hesse piece...I have a small series I hope she would find interesting. Patterns, stitches, working in grids, free form drawings and many loose threads that still remain connected. I have employed a small weaving and sewn on top of a patterned grid on a soft fraying linen. I stopped for tonight and went back to sorting my last bunch of buttons...I am in a special quest to find natural elements like wood and stones with the possibility of another square inside a square. This work is in a minimalist approach ...well at least for me... and I am still processing how I want to finish its presentation. Do I frame it?...Do I make an enclosed wall hanging like a quilt?... do I leave the raw edges and how do I secure to loose threads? ... I suppose time and sleep will help me make this decision.

I also continued my research for photos for my Rabbit Proof inspiration for my large canvas...I think I need to paint my beautiful Australian sky...jump into the white canvas I can begin my assemblage approach to their least tonight at 11:21 pm that sounds like a plan of attack. I am staying in for the weekend to reserve my energies to put a few pieces into the framed format. I also will be putting my bias edge on the large Australian quilt. I am beginning to put the images together in groups of "three" and maybe" five" for the gallery hanging installation. I am visualizing my works in the space so they can guide you through my narratives. My gallery curator Lynne will have to reschedule our studio visit so it gives me time to continue my "mess" approach to construction. Mess should be my middle name...if my mother was alive she would verify my life long messiness.

I renewed my book reviews with a publication from 206 but today is incredibly still vibrant in 2010. by Lynne Perrella. Her group of artists are incredible and she is extremely generous with inspirations, creativity guide and workshop approaches to making books and a million marks to play and explore. Stamps, stencils, inks, acrylics, recycled papers, metal touches and joyous word plays for context. Thank you Lynne for the guidance I needed to make some adventuresome marks. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love Morgan's wild eyed look in that photo - looks like a feisty little dog!!! Adorable!!!

  2. Can you use sticks or twigs, wrapped to hanging the Eva pieces? That way it seems like the free hanging threads could do just that, hang free?
    What the Rabbit Proof project about? I don't think I remember you mentioning that one before.
    I'm glad Morgan was fiesty about the surgery. It probably means recovery time will be short.
    Murphy is off to puppy day care today. He gets so excited about it. He spends the day moving around in a pod of small doggie buddies and comes home to sleep and dream, paws twitching. :)Bea

  3. I am planning on a *no-phone* day, along with possibly a *stay-in-PJs* day. I have wanted one all week and am exhausted from, well, everything.
    Rest fuels the creative fires.
    Hope you get better sleep tonight and don't over do it. (And I need to listen to myself! ha!)


  4. LOL, Well I knew that was Rosie, but why did her picture disappear? I love seeing you and Morgan but I want Rosie back. Murphy wants Rosie back.
    Murphy says Rosie looks like a cleaned up version of him. :)Bea

  5. We could have the same middle name!

  6. Awwwww, there's my little girl. Murphy says HELLO. And, HI MORGAN! Riley says HELLO. :)Bea

  7. Your Eva Hesse piece is really looking wonderful. I look forward to seeing how you eventually decide to display it!

  8. I am so drawn to your Eva Hesse piece. Personally I wouldn't frame it. Looking forward to seeing it completed.