Monday, April 5, 2010

the mind follows no timeline...

Ken met with the dryer repairman and now my old dryer is back to speed...hold on old friend...I have larger things to be concerned with. I slept most of my day away but was able to get up to make a healthy catfish dinner with baked potato with avocado topping...I can't remember how to spell the Mexican dip right now a fresh spinach salad with mushrooms and lemon dressings. The food tasted fresh and clean...healing entering my body for needed strength. I sat in the sunshine for a short while before our first April thunderstorm hit the ground; thundering and smashing rain fell to the ground with a refreshing passion. Tomorrow I can hardly wait to smell the earth opening up for new sprouts to spring upward.

I have been organizing some of my photo transfers and readying them to be able to layer with sheer transparent colors to later be sewn into small compositions. I am hopeful to get some images photographed in stages to add later to my "loop" DVD to play inside the gallery. I have kept my vintage fabrics in a "Hodge Podge" organization so hopefully tomorrow I can begin to unify them in order by their size and colors. The frames have been selected and must be set aside by size to match each work. I am hoping by including small framed works the affordability will help encourage sales for those who may not have a little extra cash around for luxuries. My mind seems capable of moving when my body refuses to carry the load of my weary body and for me this gift continues to fuel my dreams of my echoes and whispers. I need to go now and work while I can ...these moments are priceless. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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