Saturday, April 10, 2010

I got to drive today...scary isn't it?

Don, Mary and Judy Thedos...the flowers in my heart...JOY even found at Krogers!

I made a Bea...made the first stop at my daughter's house to check in on the sweet girls. I went to Joanne's for button...went to Finders Keepers... a place where I am able to locate pristine vintage fibers...I even met my angel...her name was Kathy and she loves collecting these visual, textural narratives as much as I do. I explained how I am working with these small memory works and invited her to come to my opening. I also found a wonderful. rusty ringer washing machine and quickly photographed it...I think it was the same model that my grandmother used on Wash /Laundry Mondays. Then I went to exchange a too ripe large baby garlic at Krogers (whew did my little GEO stink to high heavens...) and found myself stopping to photograph beautiful tulips in all their glory on this Sunday afternoon. As I was temporarily parked in an awkward non parking location some very dear dear friends drove up and asked me what I was doing? We ended up completing our grocery errands and sat down at our only Newark Starbucks for a special catch-up conversation and a Passion Iced Tea. Mary is one of my guardian angels and has just celebrated her 90th birthday in Las Vegas with all her children... I love this lady and her contagious smile and energetic Faith that "Today is for celebrating" and the glow she shares in her eyes of peace and prayerful life...I am so blessed! I then made my way to pay a bill and headed home for a much needed rest. My body has to be careful to not write a check that my physical strength can not cash :O).

No...I did not get to my "down the rabbit hole" project...I am that student you knew whose dog ate her homework...shame on you little Rosie! No, I did not get to my gardening mecca for their re-grand opening for my new little herbs to plant outside my back door. No I did not get the much needed refill inks for Ken's printer...but there is always tomorrow!!! I was a naughty girl I guess.

Yet today I was filled with Joy...I could forget the medical what -ifs and my life's responsibilities to just enjoy my moment in the sunshine. My special moments with my dear special friends who have a hold on my heart...forever. You bless me so and I am the wealthiest woman. I knew the moist optimism I so enjoyed in the graceful tulip blooms. may God bless and keep us all so that we do it again all over tomorrow. Imagine and LIVE in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

" to see a world in a grain of sand...
and heaven in a wild flower...
hold infinity in the palms of your hands...
and eternity is in an hour." William Blake


  1. Lists are for improving your handwriting and remembering what numbers come after one another.
    I still haven't been able to make a list. I find myself taking my coffee cup outside, in the morning and saying, "What feels right to do today?" It seems more "in the flow" you know.
    And, you'll get to your homework and when you do it will be the "right thing to do". :)Bea

  2. I'm so happy you got to enjoy your day!! Do it all over today and tomorrow and the next day and so on!!
    Peace to you, Mary Helen

  3. Maya Rose is 10 years old, Sabrina Leigh is 7 years old and Miss Hannah Marie with her baby doll is 5 years old. They just make me smile and fill me with childlike wonder! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart