Thursday, April 1, 2010

My new month...pray for positive waves of healing motions

The butterflies have come home
black wings engaged in the flight ballet
iridescence on the fragile wings sparkle in the sunlight.

I maintained my schedule of rest and positive thoughts to be on my best behavior for the MRI and the MRA planned for three hours tomorrow... to see inside my arteries in my neck....I just have to maintain my state of Zen and realize I am in the hands of God and the people who help me restore my work patterns so I can continue my work. I feel extreme frustration because I have not worked with my hands for almost three days... my slow and prayerful motions of moving the needle and threads is like my meditation and silent mantra for keeping me in focus. Do I have narcolepsy? or something in response to my multiple medications? I seem to drift in and out of consciousness which would be fine if I did not have my deadline moving in. I believe I can do this with one stitch... one thread... combined to bring into view my vision.

It is April...and the forsythia has opened their yellow promises of Spring's bliss. The warm radiation from the sun pours over my face as I lean into the sunshine for strength. Soothing whispers on the gentle breezes caress my whole being...I felt naked in the presence of this miracle of the day. The birds are singing a litany of their new choruses and the crows are cawing in a raucous voice that sends needles into my silence and the blanket of my serenity. I do wonder what has created such a stir in their movements and their silent flight.

Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am way behind on my reading my circle of blog friends...tomorrow

My movie Seraphine arrived today from Amazon....YEAH!!!!


  1. Slow cloth, slow deep breaths, slow thoughts, slow down the OUTSIDE and let the inside do it's healing work. :)Bea

  2. Mary,I hope you will be feeling better soon. Maybe you just need to listen to what your body is telling you and slow down a little then you can go back to work rested. I will pray for you. Please let us know how the MRI and MRA goes.

  3. Do take it easy; I hope the test today has some answers for what is going on.
    You are lifted up in my thoughts my dear friend!


  4. Prayers and All the Very Best for you tomorrow and every day. Your tea pal, Lennie

  5. Hope all goes well with your tests. Sending healing thoughts your way today and every day. You remain in my prayers. Your words are so full to all who read them.

  6. Holding you strong in my thoughts, prayers and heart. May the renewal of spring and Easter be felt within every cell of your being, healing and radiating wellness. love, Karin