Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day...40 years later

Tomorrow is the 40th celebration of our Earth Day awareness to halt the pollution and decay from over use of chemicals, trash elimination, lack of renewable resources, loss of natural resources and the next big shortage will be something we take for granted...clean drinking water for everyone on this planet. As I sat in the sunshine this afternoon and felt the cool breeze caress my skin in a gentle breeze I realized why I love living close to nature and the wild creatures that share my small patch of land. Recycle: Reuse: and Reduce is a simple three step program. I s the world listening? I am going to search upstairs for my Last Whole Earth Catalog...I think I still have it and take a few minutes to browse the messages from 40 years ago... Happy Earth Day.

Happy birthday to my dear friend Tea Buddy!!! A little bird told me you were having a celebration so I want to wish you many, many more. I wish you a day full of sunshine, bluebells and a cup of luscious tea to enjoy a quiet moment with family and friends. Happy Happy Happy!!!

I went this afternoon for more blood work...the doctors are still attempting to isolate the causes of my fevers, headaches and total exhaustion. My family doctor has taken care of our family for 24 years and has been there when we searched for answers. Swollen glands are further evidence of what?? Maybe we will know soon.

Ken rented "Blind Side" and tonight I laughed and cried as the story unfolded ...real courage in the face of racism and child abuse. It sounds very depressing but the hard work, dedication and pure love are modeled in this family working to create a better life for a forgotten young man. I encourage you to see it if you have not already... it is truly Joy rising above obstacles.

For those of you artists that are embarking on the abstract art challenge I would like to recommend Martha Marshall's blog...An Artist Journal. She has just completed 24 abstracts in her Ritual series and the knowledge she shares with her viewers and patrons is totally priceless. Martha questions and explores her own boundaries as she discovers her own skills and techniques in creating with beautiful compositions.

My young niece called this afternoon after being in bed for two weeks. She has been diagnosed with Lupus. My heart nearly broke for her despair but tomorrow I will be able to inform her and hopefully reassure her that with a new awareness she will develop the skills she needs to have a balanced life. I need to listen to my own day at a time.

Enjoy your Earth Day and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Many thanks for your birthday wishes. What a pleasant surprise from you. Now you take care, and we all must remember to take it one day at a time. Thinking of you, Lennie

  2. Happy Earth back to you! Sorry to hear about your niece's diagnosis of Lupus. I know you can help her thru this, from your experiences. That way fear won't be in her as much, just knowing will ease the difficulty she will have.
    Thanks for the abstract link.