Monday, April 12, 2010

I really do GLOW in the dark...

I did finally hear from the neurologist...they have very busy lives so I just figure no news is good news plus it was Spring break for many of our schools. I have some good news... there are no new aneurysms but...I have developed white spots... growths???? unknown characters in my brain. I have an appointment with the specialists on Thursday at 10 am. Until then I consider these new images to be my evidence for my is that for a positive attitude? Sometimes I feel like I am in a soap opera!!!

Today I completed several steps of my mystery "down the rabbit hole challenge"...I have included some process photos to kind of explain the clues/steps I am given each Monday. This helps me to relax and just all artists should do...we often do that you know.

I am getting ready to go to my first baseball game of the this will be a short little post. The days are just getting better and tea for Tuesdays is iced passion teas from my buddy Lennie. Muchas Gracias mi amiga!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

1. paint your
2. add context/
3. on the machine
4. cut into 6 individual pieces
5. collect embellishments
6. stay tuned for the finale :O)


  1. glad to hear you are having a wonderful day, mary...beams of light & sunshine to you

  2. Take me out to the ballllllllllllgame........ok, the voice is slightly off key but hey YOU GUYS have fun. LOVE, LOVE what you are doing with your piece. :)Bea

  3. OMG!!! I love your stamps!
    And yes, of COURSE the white spots are just your naturally brilliance shining through! Nothing else!
    Love what you're working on.....I'm glad one of us is! :D


  4. Brilliance, indeed! This is amazing!