Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life...expect more..a wonderful series on the Discovery channel...

Today I have spent the entire day practically watching "Life on the Discovery channel with Oprah Winfrey narrating this fascinating journey around the earth. With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on Thursday the timing was perfect for a refresher why we might want to be gentler with the care of our Mother Earth. I created a hand painted Mother Earth over 20 years ago and I love hanging it in my living room... as a reminder how lucky I am to live close to Nature in our hand built log cabin. I have been an earth friendly mother even when there was no hoopla or celebration. If you get a chance to watch this series it is like they say...a photo is worth a thousand words and the camera work in this educational family series is almost unbelievable.

I also collected my photos and biography about a woman who just makes me smile when I examine her life as an artist. Beatrice Wood was a bright, articulated ceramist who at the age of 97 was still blazing trails as a contemporary artist in ceramics. Beatrice lived her life as if every day was or could be her last. "Never do the commonplace, DuChamp told her. Rules are fatal to the progress of Art." Her beauty and rebellious desire to be an artist and have a life on her own terms should inspire all artists to live each day to the fullest! In one of her very early drawings shows a young girl and the caption read "I who wanted danger, adventure and love." is an example of her spirit and spunk. When asked how she stayed so vibrant and adventuresome she would reply..."I love young men and good chocolates!"

I better get back to my quilting ...35 more work days so when I am able I will work... the time flies by and my vision is precarious but I do what I do when I can. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The autobiography is I Shock Myself...Beatrice Wood

The quilt was painted over 24 years ago while I was on twice a day IV treatments.... Remember to Save Mother Earth by MHFS


  1. I caught a bit over an hour of the *Life* series and would have loved to have seen more. Am hoping it goes to repeats during the day....when DH is working and I can sit and knit and watch.
    Love the quilt you have pictured----beautiful!!
    TAke care!!!

    Anne ♥♥♥

  2. Love that blue quilt you have shown. I Love Blue everything, reminds me of the sky and the sea, it is a peaceful color.Wishing you a good day each and every day. Take care dear friend of mine. Lennie

  3. I keep going down a post to enlarge your pieces for your Follow Me Blind challenge. I LOVE THEM.
    If you haven't sewn them together yet, suggestion, here. It took me two vessels before it dawned on me that I didn't have to sew the pieces right together, that I could actually sew them to a backing piece of felt, cut around that entire shape and the sew the backing edges together. It gave me a little more fexibility and made the pieces "pop". :)Bea

  4. I could ditto Lennie's comment above, the close ups of your blue quilt are WOW!!!
    Brightest of Blessings!