Saturday, April 17, 2010

my thoughts are complicated on this Saturday....

My day was a circle of gratitude for the loving support I am receiving from my family and artists supporters. I woke with the headache and the weather change turning cold overnight seemed to irritate the circumstances of the numerous headaches. I rested and went to making slow movements...I had planned to make a few errands today but decided to remain home and work quietly. I am finishing my small collaboration 's transformation into a vessel. I am also attempting to work on the large Australian quilt so that I can put the binding onto it so it can be photographed for a postcard. I am looking at about 35 days to complete my works so that we have a week to install and make final adjustments for the gallery. Ken worked on getting the first floor together in preparation for Lynn and her assistant to come to the studio to check on the work's progress. I am planning a relaxing lunch and tea for everyone involved as we make our final selections and share collaborative ideas about the details for every one's considerations and satisfaction.

I ordered a few more research books from Amazon...they are getting every penny of any extra funds I might have. I do love my books...technical and historical books.. both have a strong hold on my curiosities. The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp is one that should be arriving some time next week. I have been wanting to read this for quite awhile so now I will have it at my leisure to pick up. Eva Hesse was a young remarkable artist who died at the age of 34 and her name keeps showing up in my consciousness so I ordered a paperback with her minimalism sculptural works...very "thready" inspirations and her drawings are mesmerizing when I study them . John Daido Loori has two entries ...Zen of Creativity and a photographic poetic combination to encourage the viewer to hear with one's eyes...sounds strange but the sample I read and saw online were so beautifully captured in this small book. I will pass on my humble review later when I am working through this latest surge of interest. I am hopeful that you have had a creative weekend and restful tomorrow. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

an art journal made for me ... heartstrings connect us both as we heal in our journey...
prayer flags for my studio window
a funny buggy magnet with healing glitter...
moon flower seeds for my healing garden from my tea buddy and friend...
beautiful lotus papers gilded with gold...they will be in my works for the whispers....
pepper plant seeds to put out maybe tomorrow...healing energies from New York


  1. The weather always affects me with headaches...I am not surprised t does you also.
    Your laugh for the day:
    Last night in the cold I was trying to cover my big gangly wisteria so that it should not be frozen. Twelve yards of skull fabric and one king sized bed bottom sheet later (and a ladder and clothespins and straight pins!) and it was for the most part covered.
    I was frozen and exhausted; it had turned dark quickly and I couldn't see.
    This should cement the fact that there is a crazy woman who lives at the end of the road.....
    Love and many hugs!!!


  2. Twyla's book sits next to my computer sharing the space with Sister Corita Kent's book, Learning by Heart. Two books that for many many many years have stayed with me. Enjoy!
    I am deeply into Collagraphs and Mixed-Mixed Media printmaking by Brenda Hartill that you suggested. It seems I was on the right path with creating my own stamps with lines and shapes added TO the cardboard. Now, I have to learn how to take this in a slightly different direction, WHAT FUN! Thanks :)Bea

  3. Lovely images. Is the red piece the one planned for the vessel?I often get headaches under certain weather conditions also.

  4. Good morning, Mary Helen. The weather has also turned a bit cool and windy, but no headaches here unless you include me as one big headache!! hahahahaha!! I need to thank Anne for the daily laugh...I can just see her covering her wisteria with skull fabric, a bedspread and clothes pins...just too funny. Take care and have a nice restful day. God bless.


  5. Hi Mary Helen,
    I have the Zen of Creativity and the Twyla Tharp book. I also seem to spend a lot of money on! I hope your weekend ended up being restful. I love looking at your pics. Good luck with your work!!

  6. Dear Manon; Georgina; Bea; Deborah and Miss Anne,

    Thank you all for your checking in and comments today. Yes Deborah, the red/orange- 6 pieces will eventually become a woman's body as a least that is my plan. Thank you Anne for the all must have a great deal of patience to overlook my brain stutters when I try to type. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Hi Mary Helen, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I always appreciate comments. I have just been having a look around your blog and I love what I see. Beautiful work and so much luscious color. I am sorry about your health problems If friends, family, art and a good attitude can get you past any problems I'm sure you will continue to survive and thrive.