Friday, April 16, 2010


We met with the neurologist and with his encouraging soft gentle voice he shared... the images of white matter showing up in the right side of the brain (my brain has polka dot brilliance) ...lypoma(sp) size and changes...a complete break in some of the arteries that make important connections to brain functions ... and a mengianoma (sp) at the base of the brain...all are further evidence of systemic lupus progressing in my body's systems. Now what do we do next...1) maintain observations on any facial changes and continued visual interruptions 2) further moderation observations inside the brain with other tests still to be attempted 3) some new medications to help me deal with the extreme fatigue 4) continue doing what I can to keep my life normal...whatever normal is for lupus patients. The good news is I am not ready for radiation procedures as long as the growth continues a slow progress, maintain a healthy blood pressure and continue with healthy organic whole food approach to our diets and I will add LAUGH every day. Love the ones most important in your life, do what you love the most! and remember to reach out when you need a helping hand and remember to give a helping hand when you can. Art Saves Lives!!!

Ken and I went over to be with Cole and Morgan while Erin went up to be with her mother who had a total knee replacement. Ken made his famous barbecue chicken wings, I made wild rice with mushrooms and a baby romaine salad, guacamole dip for veggies and sugar free vanilla pudding topped with blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. A messy meal to totally relish and enjoy the coming of the good old summertime. Cole was my assistant when Ken had to go into a couple classrooms and poor Morgan had developed quite a fever and now we know an earache ...all she wanted was to be held and soothed. Around five Erin arrived home and she made medication adjustments and within an hour she seemed to come back to being a more mischievous little angel. I did the dishes and we headed home with a little concern that the whole family would be able to get a good night sleep. Erin and Morgan were up a five am and the doctor confirmed little Morgan's earache so with an antibiotic and medications I am praying she will be squealing once again with laughter. I fell asleep rather quickly when we arrived home and realize once more why God gives babies to young is a necessity!

I am going to try to get some work done tonight and relax at home with a movie from Netflix...Men Who Stare at Goats...I am curious about this Clooney endeavor. Have a great weekend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Well Mary Helen, I am not sure what to say other than, yes, I do firmly believe art saves lives. When we create, we put ourselves *in the zone*---a healthy, low pressure, comforting place for both body and mind. I firmly believe you are a walking example of how it works!!!
    So please, keep doing what you're doing, and when I can, I'll try and provide you a good laugh!
    Love and many, many hugs....


  2. I am sorry to hear about the growths but I love how you, Ken and your doctor are handling all of this. You know, dear friend, that you are always in my thoughts and meditations. Absolutely, keep on doing your art work, laughing when ever you can and just keep on enjoying all those close to you. :)Bea

  3. Your peaceful and positive attitude will take you far Mary Helen ... smiling ... whole foods and yes ART Saves Lives most definitely!
    Sending healing energy your way!
    Brightest of Blessings Always!

  4. Much love to you dear one.

  5. Thinking of you dear friend . You and your dear hubby and your doctor make quite a team and you are an inspiration to the rest of us. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Lennie

  6. Mary Helen, I think of you often...of what an inspiration you are...of how I know you will do what it each of us should, with a diagnosis such as yours or not. You are a lovely person, a true artist, and I send you healing thoughts and prayers.

  7. Sending you healing wishes from the UK. Your blog is such an inspiration on how to be in the world x

  8. Mary Helen, I have a friend who has lived with Lupus for years and she's doing very well, but she complains about her fatigue too. When she can't go out for lunch, I take lunch to her and yes, laughter is wonderful medicine. Keep on taking care of yourself and of course, you are on my St. Jude list. A friend came over and saw my mini-alter to St. Jude in my studio and said she knows where to come next time she needs mega help with something!! LOL

    Don't you love Netflix. We're catching up with the HBO series of "Dexter" since we don't get all those channels...not in our budget, but that movies is on our list to watch. Love George Clooney!! Wonderful actor.

    Stay well and do what you have to do and laugh a lot!!