Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eschwege has been discovered by

Eschwege is an air force base in the near center of Germany and its name means "settlement near Ash trees and water". It has quite an history with a clock tower in the center of town but there is a very dark foreboding personal history during and after the WWII. It appears idyllic and may be a place to discover someday...who knows?

I went to the dentist and had my biannual cleaning and invited the whole staff to visit my gallery exhibition and opening. Over the last 24 years they have watched my work and my journey as an artist. I am not too sure how the community where you live sees your life and passions. Yes I have had news coverage blah blah blah information...but I can tell they still do not know what to expect from me and have a clue why I do what I do. But "How do you Live?" is a common question but when I am recognized in another city, location, country ....they seemed widely amazed and happy to know me.

The weather has returned to COOL but I have been out photographing tulips ...other people's tulips because my dear deer have eaten all my beautiful tulips. My small garden outside my backdoor is sprouting up beautiful greens and the clematis already has buds...simple pleasures for a simple heart. Just being here...I am acting as a guardian my small place here in the woods. The earth has many stories and when I am barefoot I feel a communion with my spiritual ancestors. The red tailed hawks flies above my head and speaks a poetry that at times I may not understand but the gift is hearing their call to arms as a guardian.

I had trouble sleeping last night even though I was exhausted so I was fortunate enough to find special two hours on the Buddha...totally fascinating and great for late night inspiration. One of the artist in my life is Dr. Anne Warren, she is a psychiatrist and a gentle Buddhist who happen to be with me over 20 years ago when I first faced the confusion in diagnosis of auto-immune diseases eventually identified as my white wolf. I hope to watch this special once again and further my understanding of this gentle and quiet manner of living a balance life. Suffering is in the world; as well as birth and death, but how we develop a compassion and integrity for an authentic life was a great path to gentle forgiving dreams of healing. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

remember my brain is still a wee bit :O)

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