Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I have risen....Tea for Tuesdays

simple gifts...buttons ...loved precious buttons....

I awoke this morning to my Carolina Wren pair singing in the glorious sunshine of the morning as they prepared their nest for their new family this Spring. It was 8:30 am and I have been able to be up all day for the first time in almost two weeks...it seems I have contracted a virus that has attacked my systems and kidneys for almost a month. My doctor asked me if I had ever had mono and I said No ...because I did not know that I was ever that ill as a teen. Wrong! my blood work showed I have had mono maybe even recently and the virus that is rushing through my body and ravaging my energies has to run its course. With bed rest...sleep for up to 16 hours a day...vitamins...antioxidants...rest and rest and rest I am almost feeling human again. Honestly I was beginning I would never be able to put in a whole day again of normal activities. I worked slowly but I am so happy that I could be up and somewhat productive. I made chicken and homemade noodles for us and... one for the kids...Morgan is having a small surgical procedure on Thursday and I will not be of any use...as a Grandmother I fall apart when my babies have any procedure that might cause them pain. I worked in the kitchen and did not try to climb any stairs while I was home alone. I was given a large cardboard box filled with some dirty but wonderful buttons to use on my pieces as I near completion ...the good lord willing :O). The treasures were there for the sorting...mother of pearls...glass buttons.... every color selection to please a button lovers possible dreams. First I have to hand wash them; sort and clip each remnant of threads used to adhere to their original garments...and finally make selections for my possible placement on my large quilt. "Bake a light " spelling?...buttons and some celluloid materials that can dissolve if they are too fragile from age and my hot, hot soapy water! Believe me it took most of the afternoon and I felt as if I had accomplished something that is a vital design element that visibly communicates a time from the past to the viewers personal experiences living today in our culture. My hand are tired...bruised from pokes from my seam ripper and scissors and multiple tiny paper cuts...my hands will heal and now tomorrow I have delightful precious trinkets to sew my story. I want to have my large Australian quilt photographed next week for the upcoming needed press releases.

Today it was a brilliant sunny day but the temperatures are dipping into the freeze zone so maybe not getting my plants in this early will turn out to be a good coincidence. My irises are showing their blooms and so far my dear deer have not munched on them. The lily of the valley is up but not quite ready to have enough to cut a small bouquet for my dining room table. The perennial sedum is coming back nicely down the steps and the lilacs are fragrant and soothing as I walk outside. Tonight's moon is almost full and has a somewhat blue light cast to the moonlight on the hillside...I think it is a full moon tomorrow so I am hoping I can get a different view for a photograph to have in the very near future. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight and think positive thoughts for a continued renewal in health and energies. "There is no knowledge of true being. The world is fundamentally in a state of becoming." Nietzsche

Thank for for your prayers and patience as I embrace tomorrow ... the spots in my brain are my brilliance shining through the cloudy days ...the rains have eased and the multiple greens are spectacular as I witness the trees unfolding their arms in renewal. I wrote "Hope like a tree reaches for the sky" back in my junior year of high school at Angela Merici High School in Louisville, Kentucky and for some reason I have been able to hold onto this affirmation. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a wonderful collection - I love vintage m.o.p. and have several bakelite ones that I just love to look at!!!
    Glad you're feeling better and are over the mono(!)

  2. Glad to hear that you are up even for short amounts of time! So many nasty bugs cruising the country, looking for somewhere to rest...
    You got the most stectacular haul with those buttons! My grandmother had a button collection (which I still have) and every once in a while I look through them. I have two dark MOP ones that are large and carved pinned to the board in front of the computer. I just enjoy looking at them!
    I would have sat for hours, sorting and cleaning.... :)
    Take care!


  3. So happy to read you're feeling better. I had a mono-type virus many years ago. The doctor asked me if I was a teacher because he'd seen this type in a few teachers, or was I very stressed out. My marriage of 25 years was coming to an end and so the answer was stress!! He said I was fodder for anything since my immune system was strongly compromised. I recall I slept most of the day and night in the beginning and it took about 8 weeks before I could get out of bed and feel human again, giving my now ex, much time to spend with his mistress. Was awful, so I feel for what you are going through, the virus, not an affair!!! LOLOLOLOL

    Love all those wonderful buttons. My grandmother used to have a huge jar of buttons...wonder what happened to them. Oh well, you take care and don't over due it...relapses are worse. God bless.


  4. waking to birdsong is so sweet!
    thank you for sharing your lovely button collection with us ... I {heart} buttons ... they remind me of candy and often make my mouth water ;)
    hoping each day finds you feeling much much better than the last
    we had a frost warning here in Virginia too ... brrr

  5. Love buttons almost as much as I love feathers. My mother collected jars and jars of buttons that my sister and I now share. My sister admisres them in their jars and I use them in my art.
    Keep listening to the birds...and enjoying those little things in life. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  6. Well, I'm impressed, HOME MADE NOODLES? That's a big job, missy. I remember making them when the kids were little and hanging them up on my kitchen curtain rods, to dry. The neighbors loved to walk by on Noodle Day! They would point and wave and my noodles hanging in the kitchen windows.
    Stay still, don't worry, keep the stress at bay and sleep, more sleep. It's so healing for you.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always. :)Bea

  7. Wow!! the buttons are really pretty. I love the collection!!
    I'm sending healing vibes your way each day!!

  8. You must be better, making homemade noodles, YUM!!!! I must say that your button eye candy is so YUMMY too!