Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in the sunlight...of a new dawn...

I did not make it to a church for the sacred Easter mass... one of my last memories with my mother and sister celebrating this renewal in faith was when Mother was still able to be up and around. I found a sanctuary in the calm moments outside my back door.The sunlight fed my soul through my closed eyelids ...the blood vessels danced in the sunlight over my eyes. I felt a reassurance in being on my hill in the woods...the disorientation is lessening and the fatigue released my body's movements as I sought simple pleasures like making a card for a grandchild for Easter. I drank cool green teas and had a papaya and yogurt for lunch... followed by a hot shower and a nap once again under my retreat into silence. Easter is about renewal and with each step forward and some steps backward I can see my rebirth. My cathedral's ceiling is blooming with a variety of green buds and fragile leaves flurrying in the whispers on the winds. The birds are singing and hustling to build a home for new life... all reminders to a weary heart to look closely to see the beginning of a hopeful season. May you all be blessed this holy season we have in Easter. You have blessed me and my journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

... searching for understanding in the language of light...


  1. Beautiful images, imagery and sentiment behind your words. May you be well x

  2. You are truly gifted with your wonderful way with words. Not only can you express it well verbally, but you do it well visually too! Easter blessings!

  3. Would you believe I just picked up that movie Seraphine at BB tonight? So funny. I am really looking forward to watching it now. I enjoyed your post. Even though you didn't get to church to celebrate Easter today, I think you were celebrating it in your heart.

  4. You just keep resting and letting your body do what it needs to do to heal. :)Bea

  5. i think you can worship anywhere and nature is so full of reminders of that...sending you healing

  6. Your "sanctuary" sounds wonderful! I suppose I pray anywhere at studio is one of my favorite places. I have my St. Jude candle lit while many people need his intervention, so I lite it for those that need it, me included!

    Take care and heal.