Wednesday, April 14, 2010

remember to remain calm...

Before I get started several readers have asked for further connection to the beautiful slow cloth I shared a week or so ago. "albedo" -chronicles of concupiscentia oculorum - a Canadian artist in Calgary that has been showing up on the internet in fyberspace and ARTeries. I typed these words verbatim so I hope they will be useful for seeing more of her explorations in her slow cloth. I the address is do not understand the title/language in her post so if you do let me know. Her handwork invites the viewer to come closer and look into her stitched designs and heavily beaded surfaces.

I am including three photos for the January, February and March Full moon collaborations with The Dog in the Studio Hole challenge with Bea. January was my Blue Moon Wolf including some of my photography and my sketches with mother of pearl embellishments. February was the Snow Moon Wolf also including photography and hand stitches to tell the brief story. My March Full Moon is my Crow Moon with a short Cherokee story about the two is good and the other is evil... which energy will you decide to feed. Now my April small quilt is is pieces and hopefully I will be able to come in on time for the sharing at the end of the month.

I am having a difficult time thinking... to speak clearly tonight...tomorrow morning I have an appointment to gather further information on the white images /growths inside my brain. I respect my neurologist and his conservative techniques but it is just another door to walk through in living...Living with a chronic progressive systemic attack on my body. I began in a research group over 20 years ago and I am the only one still standing...everyone else has passed. I know that my Art has Saved my Life...I may not mass produce but as long as I can create through my ever changing cycles but the main thing is that I have been able to be strong because to the support of my loving circle of family and friends. Thank you for all you have given back to my heart's journey.

Today my Tea buddy mailed a beautiful card filled with blessings to plant...white moon flowers ...a fragrant bloom that reflects the glow of our lunar cycles. Lennie I already know where we are going to try to plant these seeds. Thank you for the further inspirations to photograph, paint and inspire future designs. Lennie I am sending you an image I created for Mater Dei's Moon Garden...Mother of God Moon Garden...dedicated to Ken's father back in 1993 where I was first introduced to these magical night time white blooms evolving in a midnight's dance. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

January Blue Wolf Moon...
February Snow Moon...
March is My Crow Moon ....

Mater Dei's Mother of God's Moon Garden...for Ken's father's memory


  1. Thoughts and prayers are winging their way too you this day. Patty and I are off for tea and a fun play date together. I am sure your name will surface as we chat, you'll be in our hearts and on our minds. Take care. Happy you liked your Moonflowers, I have some for my friends today. Love from Lennie

  2. I hope your appointment goes well and turns out to be informative and helpful. These pieces are beautiful!

  3. You are a strong and talented woman my dear Mary Helen, and the work you do shows thought and feeling. It doesn't matter how MUCH is made; it is the lovely QUALITY of what you make.
    You know you are in my heart.....hugs from across the blogs!!!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful pieces of work, you have done. The fourth piece could almost pass for your April Pink moon! Keeping you in my thoughts, prayers and meditations, as always. :)Bea

  5. Beautiful work! Sending you best wishes.

  6. Sending you healing thoughts. Your work is wonderful and hope all goes well at your doctor.