Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays....iced tea

I have spent the day resting...the ballgame made me feel like I was 20 years younger and the Columbus Clippers played Louisville and these young men were spectacular. The Huntington Stadium is only a few years old and it was filled with families enjoying "dogs" for a dime night. Professional sports are often very confusing to me but I do love the game. The antics...the music...the giveaways are all for further "branding" of local businesses collaborating with the park to make it financially affordable for families. I did take my camera but Ken forgot to put my chip back into my camera and I forgot to check before we left. I could have had a few good photos but that means we will just have to go back for another all American experience.

I have had some extreme fatigue today with the medication's complications...I do have an appointment on Thursday morning so until then I have the unknown hanging over my head. I walked in circles around my studio...moving this and moving that...but never really getting anything accomplished. I will try to just accept the "greyness" in my mind' s state for the moment. Performing mundane tasks like laundry and straightening magazines and mail filled the moments when I could not think clearly.

My Amazon order arrived this afternoon and two books came just in time...Jane Davila's Surface Design Essentials has 15 exercises for exploring paints, inks, mediums, and pencils for fabrics and more. It is small and handy with lesson plans to play and develop new techniques for surface design. The booklet is only a little over 70 pages so it has a way of helping one center on a specific focus. The second book is by Angela Cartwright Mixed Emulsions for altered at, techniques for photographic imagery. This second book was published in 2007 but I did not have this in my collection and Angela provides simple approaches to one's mixed media styles. The gallery at the end of her book also offers an intimate view of each person's styles and focuses. I will hopefully come back to these later in a post as I practice and develop something new that I had avoided because no one I knew was experimenting with.

For now I am going to work on the handwork for my " down the rabbit hole's last clue". I had difficulty cutting up something I considered to be too precious to cut. (Which is totally ridiculous) I recognize I need to perform these lessons more often and realize I will not like everything I make or touch but there are still lessons to be learned. Have a peaceful evening and enjoy the Springs treasures. Wildflowers are coming out on the hill but no blossoms presently but the green vines themselves are wonderful observe each morning. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Happy Tea Tuesday Mary Helen!
    Imagining your wild flowers ready to burst into bloom!
    Your new books certainly sound great
    Happy Spring to you and yours!
    Thanks so much for the sweet anniversary greetings!

  2. Happy Tea Tues (on Wed- I'm slow getting around to all!) Great books - I have one of angela's- great book!

  3. Sorry your camera wasn't working for the game. I've done the same thing. Sometimes there is too much going on, you know. Good for you for "letting go" and taking the next clue in the challenge. Following blind does involve trust doesn't it? lol :)Bea