Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Senior discount at the Goodwill....weeeeeee!

Anne told me today was happy SisterDay and we don't have to do housework either what else can one ask for?? I rested this morning and went to the bank to figure how we were going to pay our taxes this year... I did not have a salary this year and we still got into trouble but it is temporary and we will make it work.

The first Goodwill was a wee bit depleted ...they must have had a special sale over the weekend. I did find a wonderful biography on Louise Nevelson...the sculptor who was both enigmatic in her personal style with long false eyelashes and wonderful silk scarves wrapped around her head. She spent her hours collecting bits and pieces of of wood and reassembled large works that were personal narratives for her voice as an immigrant and an artist. She lived her life with passion and her Jewish faith and Russian family ties empowered this beautiful woman and her paintings and later her sculptures were bold statements in Modern Art. The Columbus Museum of Art has a large sculpture in their private collection and she still has a strong dialogue with the viewers when they witness her visual design elements.

The second Goodwill I found some carved castanets from Havana...I love finding wooden music instruments and they were only 59cents...we can play on rainy days on the front porch and make our own flamingo music. I also found a new dinosaur that roars...T-rex with a dynamic paint job and I am sure Cole will love adding this to his private collection of his pets. I found three black and white coasters from Eschwege...I am not sure I know where this is but the small plates are perfect for sorting my many buttons and beads...I will research them sometime later. At St. Vincent's thrift shop the staff had found some vintage cotton and lace pantaloons...they will perfect to transfer onto and stamp put narratives about "women's modesty". After I wash them the process will begin, this could be an interesting narrative. I also found two beautiful fabric dresser scarves with some very nice embroidery that has very few evidence marks of time and wear. All in all it was a fun day for me and tomorrow I will spend time adding them to the narrative processes.

I went to the grocery for my medication refills and fresh fruits and vegetables to add to the refrigerator for the rest of the week's meal plans ...something easy and quick so I can put it on the stove and get back to work.

I have discovered another woman on her personal road of discovery. She is living in Calgary and has a one woman exhibit ..."the artist's body" less figurative images but with rhythms and paths on cloth ... as a skin for shape and emotions. Her personal odyssey is exposed with a sense of what is hidden from ordinary senses and yet revealed in her stitches and fabric manipulation. I hope I have written this correctly but her name is albedorabe... and her blog is.... albedo. I will attempt to reconnect with her but her works and compositions are very compelling to view. I need to get back to work for now. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

the slow cloth is by Arlee Barr from Calgary...albedo


  1. Well, your Goodwills certainly are more interestingly stocked than around here! I love doing the thrift stores; books both for reading and collage, sweaters for good wear and studio wear, and the occasional treasure of old ladies stocking still in the box or cellophane wrapper. Sometimes, I luck out and they are LONGS!!!! (which means they will be worn!)
    One of my other friends posted about an exhibit--and I am not sure if it is the same as the one you mentioned? But I think it is. Here is a link to Flicker with pics of it:

    I want to scope that out when I am not so pressed for time. If you get her blog addy, could you e-mail the link to me?
    Have a good one!!!


  2. Wish our Goodwills had such wonderful finds!! I have gone a couple of times to look for used clothes made with great fabric. Once I found this long skirt with Hippie designs..reminds me of a similar skirt I wore in the late 60's. I also purchased a beautiful Chinese jacket. I had in hung in my studio and wondered how I could cut up such a lovely piece of clothing. It was a small and I couldn't come up with anyone I knew that was a S. Then I remembered my friend from college, this last time around, and gave it to her for her birthday. She looked adorable in it, so I found a good home for it without having to damage it. As for the hippie skirt, the material is on some of my dolls!! Will need to go back and see what I can find.

    Take care and God bless.


  3. What a fun day for you. I love how you find such interesting things and they either fit with an "idea" that is perking in your mind or they start a "seed thought" for you. :)Bea

  4. It' s always fun to look for treasures at Goodwill and thrift stores and it's even better when you find them!

  5. Mary Helene.... Thank you for your kind words. I know Riverside Hospital well. It is a great hospital. I'm glad that they have done so much good for you.
    Yes.... get painting. Get some fun colors and spread it on the paper. My best pieces come from just letting it flow!!