Monday, April 19, 2010

Methotrexate Monday Blues.....

I started the day with a rough reaction to my methotrexate injections from last night so I had a late start for my day. When I could stand up straight I was moving like a three toed of my favorite animals... so slow that moss can grow on their backs. I did get up and going and made a casserole for Ken and myself for tonight and an extra meal for Erin and Chance for tomorrow. It ended up being a pretty comforting meal for my stomach. I then went down to continue quilting stitch at a time...while watching Doctor Oz and the news.

For my break in concentration I continued my online research about Beatrice Wood; the ceramist who lived to be 105 and modeled how to have an authentic artist life without boundaries. She was known for saying "I do what we are not supposed to do...add courage and a rebellious spirit she would create her amazing glazes by an intuitive process and a slow smoking process in her kiln. The lusters she created have a powerful pull and interest to many ceramists working today. She began with mud...became an alchemist and transformed the simple clay by transforming ...taking a risk and would discover iridescence in colors that still remains a mystery today. Beatrice is a national treasure because she is a link to a visible past..her spirit and proud sense of revolution. I even found a photo at the age of near 100 with four young men serving her delicious chocolates. She is my hero! Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Wow....what an amazing woman.....and you TOO my friend! Take care....I have no idea what you are going through physically but I truly admire your blogging through it all.
    You are my hero! ♥♥♥


  2. She sounds like such an amazing woman! How wonderful it would have been to sit and chat with her about her artistic journeys!

  3. 105! Active and with her health and mind. A rare but beautiful thing. :)Bea

  4. What a fine hero to have - thank you for introducing me to a new inspiring woman artist. So sorry for your reaction - it is one kick ass med, and you are so right - there is no choice about what we can do with these bodies of ours when helpful toxins invade... wishing you peace in body and soul. ❤