Friday, April 9, 2010

I won! I won! Thank you ! Thank You!

I received a wonderful small package in the USA snail mail and I can not express how moved I was as I opened this sacred package of JOY! Patty Szymowicz from Virginia sent me a wonderful trading card with one of her hand created robin's bird nest complete with three precious robin blue eggs as evidence that the Spring has arrived. Her blog is a gift in words but her images are she takes you on a journey to explore the bluebells in the forests. She included Bingo paper cards, a weather map in the shape of the USA, a photo transfer in purples and deep refreshing blues. I am still relishing all the bits and pieces of National Geographic pages with evidence of beautiful inks, two circular paper pages for meter reading..I think and one for what may be a Chinese astrology calendar, antique ads for pinking shears for an unbelievable costs of $1.00...I have found a small pair myself at the Goodwill in a pink/white cardboard box. All of these treasures are wrapped with green and white cotton twine much like a real gift for the artist's heart and hands. Oh Patty...I am so fortunate to have you in my life and we met through this strange phenomenon we are sharing "blogging"! You have blessed my life with your support and inspirations. What a beautiful blog you have created and you give so generously of your heart's passions. My words are inadequate when it comes expressing my gratitude for your precious gifts.

I have been sorting through the vintage cloths and made an incredible mess in our downstairs bathroom...I filled the sink to hand wash one of my finds and walked away from the sink and left the water running. I was making a turkey tortellini vegetable soup for our dinner and totally blanked sweet Ken came up to save the day...and we ended up washing the rugs, the towels, the floor, under the bathroom sink cabinet...everything was wet. I can not do two things at once ...maybe never again. The soup was delicious with sun green tea and a hardy marble rye bread.

I ironed some of my hand painted cotton fabrics to hopefully try to catch up with my "Down the Rabbit Hole" with my friends over at Dog in the Hole Studio" I want to attempt to "catch up" tomorrow with the mystery instructions tomorrow. I also have decided to go to Wilson's open house for their new Green house ...I want to plant a small herb garden right outside my backdoor in a tall planter ...maybe this will discourage my dear deer from coming so close for a vegetarian buffet. :O) Have a great weekend and hopefully we will sunshine tomorrow to welcome the hostas and lilies coming up from their long winter's nap. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Bea these are my three "play" fabrics...
candle light with a clean spring fragrance ...
sweet small gifts from Patty's give away at her blog Magpie Nest


  1. I won a nest from Patty also- have to blog about it!!!! She does have the knack, doesn't she - for creating, and putting together "happy mail"!!!

  2. what a fun, full package of inspiration! I'm sure all will be put into great use, which I look forward to seeing one day in your art :)
    been thinking about you, sending wishes of wellness, love and peace. xo Karin

  3. second try to leave a comment dear Mary Helen, I fear my first one did not go thru

    Thank you SO much for your lovely words and pictures to go with! It delights me that my wee little wire nest and paper goodies pleased you! I was thrilled when Mr Magpie pulled your name out of the hat!
    You have the nicest way of saying things!
    Brightest of Springtime Blessings to you and yours!