Wednesday, January 13, 2010

style is the mind skating circles around the minditself as it moves forward....Robert Frost

The sun was shining here in Ohio and it actually looked warm outside...the key word is looked! We went out to lunch and then I visited another favorite place to seek and find a few more vintage fiber design elements. Then I was off to Goodwill and found a few more "bits and pieces" to add to my arsenal of embellishments. We worked on our list of needed foods for Saturday's dinner celebration and I visited one of my artist to deliver her finished fused glass works we made in a workshop a month ago. Sorry I did not think to take a photo of them before because they were really wonderful.
I came home to relish my treasures and sorted through a selection of buttons for my small gift prayer page. I am chain stitching of my favorites...onto the frame section and I really do believe it is as cute as a button. I will work on it tonight with the aspirations to finish it with some unusual bead work.
Working with fabrics is a ceremonial process for me...when you work with fabric it touches you back as you create and this is almost a subconscious memory connection. I might be crazy but my earliest memory is my Mother putting me down for an afternoon nap in the Spring and I played with the white eyelet curtains with my fingers and toes. I remember the play of light coming through the screens and making the tree shadows onto the wall by my baby bed. Is this possible? I could not have been a year old because I was in my crib and my sister came eleven months and two days after me and I was moved to a small youth bed. Is this memory possible? I guess I will trust my instincts and not question the calm serenity I remember in that small one bedroom house in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you Mom for making me feel safe and to give me this soft afternoon memory...I did not really like to sleep a lot as a child and I had my days and nights poor parents flashed a flashlight up and around the ceiling to keep me amused and would eventually lull me into sleep. Can you believe this all came from a memory of playing with cotton curtains on a lazy afternoon? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
p.s. I have included a couple of photos of my small gift to Parker.


  1. This is beautiful, Mary Helen! And yes, I believe you did have that memory.

  2. Love all the brights and dots and circles!!! Makes my eyes go bonkers---which is good!