Thursday, January 28, 2010

My field trip for more buttons...

Today the thermometer said 12 degrees but with the wind chill it dropped to zero. Still I went out to persevere and made my deliveries of the new Licking county travel magazine to the LCA gallery and Argyle gallery. I then delivered a small travel journal to my friend at the bank to give to Pam who is leaving for Australia and New Zealand next week. It should fit easily in her purse or travel backpack so all she needs to do is collect her thoughts in phrases ...then at the end of the day she might be able to gather her impressions of this spectacular countryside on both islands. I then went to Memory Lane where Virgina had found me a large Ball jar of buttons and a quart jar of old wooden spools with threads for an idea for a small assemblage. I am really excited as the exhibit is coming together...slowly yes, but I am processing each day a little closer to my installation date. Virginia 's shop is full of this and that and if you take your time and calmly stroll in the small rooms full of treasures and for me memories from my childhood in Kentucky and my grandparents kitchen. When I remember growing up I now remember we did not go out to a restaurant except once a year on the Friday after Thanksgiving we all loaded up into the red Studebaker station wagon and went downtown for a movie at the Rialto theater and then whatever we would want to try at the Blue Boar cafeteria. Now this was not a fancy place and I do not know if they are even around anymore but for eight people...six kids and Mom and Dad...this event was a really big deal for my family. I am so grateful for my friends like Virginia who scout out pieces of women's work from decades before me. I guess I am a wee bit crazy but reassigning these metaphors help me tell a story about the women I am researching in hopefully an intimate respectful manner.

My American Craft magazine came and there are several great insightful articles about contemporary artists working today. "Life is a balance between organization and chaos, and it's the same with texture."- Janice Arnold. Janice is a felt artist extraordinaire and her sculptural approach and organic influences to her felt works are both functional and fashionable. In this article she discusses her education and actually builds a yurt that resembled more of a shrine than a primitive nomadic home tent. I was totally blown away with her intrepid imagination and determination to surmount obstacles artistic and logistics and still remain true to her design with a focus on texture. This issue also covers many of the featured artists at the American Craft juried convention in Baltimore. I think if you feel that you have hit a wall in design or are in a rut...check out what these imaginative artists are marketing for 2010.

I came home and made a warming wild rice and roast pork casserole with fresh spinach and multiple vegetables. On a cold night this was a body and heart warming meal. I went upstairs to finish framing in the small 18 1/2 inch by 13 inch composition for my January Wolf Moon. I selected howlite semi-precious beads, small carved turquoise bears, mother of pearl, carved green stone variegated owls...I do not remember what they are carved from... but I think they might add an interesting touch to a native American homage. Tomorrow I will start quilting on this small quilt. For now I am going to go to bed and hide under a quilt to get warm. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. o your jan. wolf moon is coming along beautifully!

  2. I just love this pup. Look at those eyes! I love how colorful the quilt is, WELL DONE. :)Bea

  3. Thank you Miss Bea...The pup has a personality all by herself...I think tonight is the official Blue moon for January 2010. Wait until you see what embellishments I found in my stash for this small prayer page. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. I landed upon your page and delighted to do so!
    Your art reminds me so much of wonderful American Indian style...what is your inspiration?

  5. Just love the expression on your pup. And that moon is sensational!