Thursday, January 21, 2010

rainy day mixed with sunshine...

I am running behind my schedule...the schedule I made for myself...self imposed but all the same I did not get as much done as I wanted. The rain today washed most of the salt off my little old Geo is 13 years old but she is a dependable old friend. I washed some more cotton fabrics and prepared the next steps for a small project I am working on for my full moon project...somehow I have misplaced the photo transfer of January's full Blue moon. I have a young wolf pup sketched and bathed in white light. Tomorrow I will add colored pencils and gel pens made for fabric before I begin sewing it all together. I want to leave some room for beads of light and special illuminations of the night's white light. This sounds like a plan doesn't it?
I went to drop off and early Valentine's day treat...little chocolate kisses to eat when I can't be there to kiss them and the little boo-boos in life. A cup of tea and sweet chocolates to melt in your mouth!

I helped Maya work on her fractions and double digit multiplication math worksheets...she has quite a bit of math homework but I know she does not feel comfortable with how fast the material is being presented in her class. We read "Charlotte's Web" today...I was relieved we were not into deep scary fear religion like yesterday. Wilbur is a humble Spring pig and his friend Charlotte is a word spinning spider getting ready to lay her eggs and say goodbye. Maya reads one page and then I read the next so the minutes fly by. My daughter was working from home on the phone help line and has put in a lot of hours for work and keeping the three girls on the straight and narrow. I worry my daughters set impossible goals for themselves in the housework and family chores department. The housework will always be there but our babies grow up incredibly too fast. Maya walked me to my car but before I left she gently brushed my hair and we finished our shared cup of calming tea. Maya Rose is the first grandchild and I know we are not supposed to have favorites but she sure has a hold on my heart!

I came home and worked on the baby's dress and had a light supper with Ken. I will work tomorrow to finish up the little dress for Saturday's birthday celebration. The sunshine of my day was being with the girls and being able to help them all out. I am very tired tonight and hope you all have found a moment of sunshine and peace in your day. Quiet calm moments feed my soul. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Well, I am behind on everything, commenting, working, name it. I have discovered the hard way that I can only *do* so much and then I am toast.
    And there has been a lot of *toast* here of late! LOL!!! I guess I did not know how much major surgery takes out of you??? Am I not wonderwoman???? Guess not.....
    Hey, we all get behind. It's just learning not to fret about it.
    I need to remember that one! ;)