Friday, January 29, 2010

an art of focus...

I receive the Daily OM and yesterday the message was about maintaining focus in our lives..."all of our tools can be helpful if we use them wisely and keep ourselves engaged in all the world has to offer." Learning to filter our distraction takes an individual form of self discipline...learning to shift our focus so that our work; an artist journey remains in our daily focus. The message discuss how a negative situation contains some special wisdom that may lead to higher growth. It is learning to trust the universe and trusting in oneself as the new chapter unfolds in our hearts. Being open to the next "what if?" will attract the positive souls who may guide and support you in your new direction. Interesting food for thought as I work on my small wolf moon prayer page.

Tomorrow I am meeting some friends to spend part of the afternoon making artist trading cards ...mine will probably be small little Valentine ones to give my granddaughters. I do not try to sell mine because I love how these simple exercises in "playing" were meant to share and give away. I do know there are artists selling their wares and theirs are way better than my simple child like collages. I have cut several sheets of hand changed/painted papers and hopefully will be able to put something together that the girls will enjoy receiving. I think the weather has been so cold here...near zero but we did missed the big snowstorm south of us. Just being out with artist and I think I will take my heat immersion pot so we can have hot tea together. I keep you posted of my results...

I have finished one half of the wolf piece...the easy part... the photograph of the blue moon for January. I am hoping to hand quilt the young pup with various threads and beads tomorrow and maybe have the photos of a mostly completed prayer page. Stay warm and enjoy a hot cup of love tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S. This is a quilt collaboration I made with 8th graders and is called "Hidden in Plain View"


  1. I love Daily Om....sometimes it is as thought they are reading the issues I am having and write specifically for me. Mostly, their words hit the target.
    Love your photos today!!!
    Still under the weather and Blogger didn't post my blog when it was scheduled.....I guess it is under the weather too!
    Stay warm!!!


  2. Love the Hidden in Plain View project you did with the 8th graders...lucky kids! I also love the "what if", and try to bring that simple question to my students when they are afraid.
    PS Saw 6 deer in my yard yesterday morning!

  3. Excellent message. Many things are made for sale but ATCs are for trading! I remember once showing a passenger, next to me, on a plane, some ATCs that I carry around with me to give away. She had never seen anything like that. I gave her four that she liked. She reached in her bag and handed me a CD. It turns out she was a singer for a big band and was on her way home from a gig.
    Beautiful voice, beautiful music. Just love that when it happens. :)Bea