Tuesday, January 26, 2010

creative voices from little children...

The painting rises from the brush strokes as a poem rises from the words. The meaning comes later. __ Joan Miro

My meetings lasted longer than I would have liked but the new people on the board show extraordinary promise and contagious enthusiasm for the possibilities 2010 brings to everyone here in Licking county. I hurried to meet my daughter and her little ones at McDonald's for a quick supper ...I chose one of their salads and the lime juice seem to explode in my mouth as I ate my southwest chicken salad. The girls were full of questions as they examined my fused glass pendant and a felted pin on my sweater jacket...did you make that? can you make me one? can I make a necklace too? It is difficult to sit down on your bottom when you are full of questions and want to do it all! Boy do I wish I had their energies!!!

I will work on my Wolf Moon tonight with soft pastels and chose the coordinating complementary colors for the composition. My dreams were guiding me last night in an Adena and Hopewell theme...I am not sure where they will lead me tonight when the house is quiet and I am quietly willing to accept their guidance my marks will become visible. This whole process comes from a theme of authentic trust...trusting in the guidance from an unknown teacher guide. I awoke this morning to a small herd of yearling does grazing outside my back door ...fresh footprints in the new blanket of softly falling snow. Once again their eyes gaze at me in a total state of trust...I often worry that this will make them more vulnerable to the hunters during hunting season. The yearling doe's silent witness daily marks the coming of a new morning on my small piece of wilderness. Imagine and Live in Peace and remember to Trust.
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh, to have a childs energy and eye again!!!! Or at least part of their energy, and at least their normal sleep cycle!!! HA! (you probably understand that)
    They see everything so literally and also so magically, yes? :)

    Anne...no energy to speak of....HA!

  2. We need to find a way to bottle that energy.
    Dreams are so important to us and so few people pay attention to them. We seem to have fewer hunters around us, these days. I think the traffic does more damage to the deer population.