Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Wolf Moon with Bea....

I have been adding polymer colors from Germany and Prisma colors to add to my sketch of my wolf pup... she, my small wolf is not quite a year old but still aware of the surroundings and wilderness environment. 2010's January Full Moon happened to be a Blue moon...this means for this particular lunar cycle the month will have two full the phrase "once in a blue moon" was given birth. I have selected mother of pearl medallions and carved mother of pearl leaves..framing the view in the photograph ...reflective of the pure white moonlight. I am thinking of actually adding hand stitches in a variety of burnt oranges with silver metallics...along with small reflective beads in an assortment of colors. I have some pastels available to smudge on top of the deep purple and blues...I am just not sure on how to set the pigments...possibly with a dry hot iron. Please feel free to add a comment or two to express what you might see as this small work develops.

I am watching the State of the Union speech with President Obama outlining his focus for working some collaboration with both parties to make a difference in the lives of the American families. I would like to have everyone here in America to have the same Health coverage as our Senators and Congressmen. Young. old, working, disabled, veterans, the unemployed...move toward a stronger union where with changes in the education and job training we can once again producing American made products to become desirable by other markets around the world. Compromise ...can we unite for the better of the country and support the needed changes for America. I will be praying for our country's leaders to work together. Amen!

I received a call from one of my favorite little shops to let me know that one of her vendors delivered a jar of old buttons and would I like her to set them back for me. I am wondering if I will be able to sleep tonight? Hee Heee Hee! I will also deliver a small journal to a friend who is lucky enough to be leaving for my beloved Australia on February 2nd for three weeks. If I was a rich woman I would be going on this journey along with Pam but alas it is not meant to be this year. I also have to deliver the 2010 Licking County magazine to the gallery and I am hoping the marketing person is the one who is volunteering. We will have a new website remodeled by Beth at to check out all our destinations. Shop...Discover...Sleep....Eat...Relax.... Meet... and unique events to enjoy in our own back yard! I am learning that it is sometimes difficult to edit design elements for my exhibits individual works. Once again being vulnerable and learning to sit quietly to contemplate the trust I need to create in my heart and soul. I try not to panic...yet...or allow myself to feel the fear...I need to work hard every day hard every day.

It was bitter cold all day but the sun was shining down on my studio,,,the day was three minutes longer...did you notice? I need to get back to my hand quilting drawing...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Hi:
    Noticed that you're a fan of buttons? I have lots and lots - will be giving some away during OWOH - also, did I see that you have lupus? I have an auto-immune arthritis and always like to meet people who know the life.
    take good care,

  2. Beautiful work - and such a cute pup!!! I am still working on my wolf moon project - at the rate I am going it will be march before I ahve anything to show!!!! LOL

  3. Rose Marie is my in house art critic...she was not amused as she wanted to go to with me. Oh well I love her dearly and she is my studio companion when the house is empty. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    She is a Maltese/Yorkie mix and very curvaceous and bodacious...a real rowdy girl!

  4. Dear Ms Fernandez Stewart,
    I appreciate you stopping by. Do you work in the building? Do you have any pull with the "committee". These are difficult times. Have you seen a young Zettite, wearing rather strange "manish" looking clothing? She should, if she has any manners answer to the name of Z'beatrice. Any information would be most appreciated.
    Your very sincerely,
    Zetti Historical Society
    Sub basement three, corner room, follow your nose for the musky smell

  5. Hello Mary Helen,

    I've enjoyed my visit to your blog and also at looking at your artwork. I'm glad you found me via the Button Floozies site. :0) I've got so many buttons that need to be photographed...I had to laugh over your extreme excitement over the jar of buttons..I'm the same way! :0)

    I'm watching my place become a winter wonderland...I'm in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains...supposed to be heavy snow all night and more tomorrow. I'll be posting some photos tomorrow along with my PiNk Saturday do drop by to see. :0) And I'll be back to see you too.

    Have a lovely and warm day,