Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the snow is fluttering like my heart beating...but my heart is skipping a beat or two...

I reread my short blog from last night and my ridiculous attitude toward adequate exercise to proper nap taking ...made me laugh. Be sure to read the comments from my artists friends...especially Dr. Anne. Today Dr. Oz advised us chubbies of the 7 mortal sins for our health and our "Real"age prophecy. I know I watched it twice but for the life of me I can not remember all 7. Stretch in the morning; eat breakfast ; plan your foraging skills for the day...be prepared with almonds, fresh fruits and pretzels; breathe? was that one of them?; small healthy meals; plan for a regular bedtime ...Hell I do my best work late at night for some reason and like to sleep in on cold winter mornings. Does Dr. Oz have remedial special education classes for persons like me? I did make a warming pot of vegetable soup for our dinner tonight and that should energize our immune system for further aerobic "napping" and further stretching maneuvers.
I went down to meet a wonderful young woman who is the new marketing director for our visitors and convention bureau in the Licking county gallery. She met with the volunteer extraordinaire Kay who generously shared her own works and experiences with our grass root Art organization. We then visited the gallery next door to see two other exquisite artists from Licking county...YES that is where I live. (Trust me after 24 years my family is still laughing out loud at our county's name. But in Kentucky...my home state there is a Big Bone Lick State Park! I do digress and I think it is because the vegetables are going to my brain.) We exchanged an idea I have been cooking on the back burner to have an art event on the sacred mounds of the Ancient Adena and Hopewell tribes in possibly September 2010. I would invite artists from all walks of life to spend the day on the mounds creating individual works that would later be exhibited as a group in the gallery at our local campus branch of OSU to celebrate the diversity in our ancestors stories.
I am back to working in the darkness of the night sky..why do I have my nights and days so mixed up? My Mother said I was like this when I was an infant so I guess my body's clock is not about to change now. I did adjust perfectly to the time difference when I was in Australia and New Zealand. Have a warm and toasty evening with those you love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. My internal clock is so screwed up, it doesn't know, nor CARE, whether it is day or night! Just spend a few days in hospital and see what time you start waking up....oh yeah. Lots of fun.
    "It's 3:28 a.m. What shall I do????" SNARF!!!!
    Thus, my Rx for power napping. You know it works! And I figure it is time I am not spending EATING, so I do two things at once!
    being back in the studio is good, but it is in small doses due to fatigue, which is getting better. I am patient on this.
    Now....go for the nap! LOL!!!


  2. One of the BEST ways to boost your immune system is to LAUGH. The body can't tell the difference between fake laughter and real laughter. That's the kind of medical advise I like. :)Bea

  3. Oh Mary Helen, just be happy. When we die no one is going to say, "Man she had a perfect body fat ratio" or "Her skin tone was perfect and she could flex and extend her extremities with ease." Yes, we can be healthier just to live longer but what our loved ones say when someone dies are these:

    "She was so mean, thank God she is out of my life" ooops - WRONG! Like this:

    "She was so funny, she made me laugh and she a most loving person. She made my life richer and she made me happy. I miss her terribly."

    Have a happy new year!