Friday, January 15, 2010

the prayer page for Parker... Faith, Hope and Love...

The news has been grim all day but every now and then a bright light shines through the dust and destruction from Haiti's earthquake. Doctors without Borders are there and our government has taken the airport under their supervision just to hasten getting the incoming needed food, water and medical supplies to the people who are in such desperate need. Relief is arriving slowly but it is on its way to the crisis center. Haiti was already a country known for the children orphanages and tonight "trafficking of human beings" is being discussed because there is no protection services at this time to protect the children. I have heard from other countries today as they have been shaken by this act of Nature on an already poverty stricken country. A group from Ohio and several church groups have been held up at the airport due to the fact that the disorganization and lack of electricity. Oxfam is attempting to deliver meals to a panicky group of people who have been without water or food since Tuesday. Pray for a miraculous solution to help these gentle people. Help the American Red Cross even if it is only a small donation...working together we can all make a difference.
I finished the Baptismal prayer page for Parker and I am the one who will need to listen to the words of his minister tomorrow renew my fluttering faith. The colors are bright and the children are the hope for all of us. I have spent the rest of my time working on the face portrait of my Kath Walker. I find a sense of being in the moment ...the present contemplate the gifts I have received during my lifetime. Pink Floyd's "Brain damage" runs through my quiet moments inside my brain. I have experienced a terrible head ache all day and the only retreat was to go to bed until this pain began to let up. I tell myself not to be is just the change in the barometer and outside temperatures. If I slow down today I can enjoy my plans for tomorrows activities.

It is difficult to realize my grand daughter Morgan Elizabeth Spalding is now one year old. We are all meeting next Friday for an afternoon at "Bounce"...a specialized center for little ones to run and jump!!! Morgan is a real spitfire...she takes after her wonderful mother. She seems to relish her new found independence and never wants to miss anything. She follows her big brother assured if he can do it...she can do it too. There is Hope in her being here with us all on earth. Happy Birthday Miss had my heart at hello. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Beautiful post as only you could write it. The joy in your family made me smile. :)Bea

  2. Why are we both up angel??? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  3. Hello again Mary! I love the picture of you and your grand-daughter. You are both so beautiful! You have such a lovely smile and I love your new "look"! Yes, by all means send me some mail art - email me: and I'll just make sure you have my postal addy right. What a pity you must do it again, though. We have been donating through Unicef to help out with the Haitian children. Our prayers go out to all Haititians...