Thursday, January 7, 2010

one last run to the grocery...

The snowfall is a quiet blanket on my hillside as I prepare a warm up meal of roasted pork to warm our bellies and fuel our souls. We made a quick run to the grocery for fresh fruits and vegetables plus salmon, a small roast, ground beef for our family favorites like chili, mashed potatoes with almost anything and comforts to keep us healthy being inside during this January snowstorm. I am printing a photograph, painting a young white wolf and working on the next steps of layers to embellish my "Wolf Moon". I should be working on finishing my large work but right now working in wet mediums is bringing me to a gleeful state of mind. I picked up several small artifacts and vintage fabrics yesterday at my Memory Lane treasure shop. Bits and pieces from Virginia's mother's sewing box and wonderful vintage buttons on the original sale cards. I will take a few photos as I unwrap my treasures to use in the near future. I also found an enamel kitchen table from the 1940's that would be perfect for printing on my vintage fabrics...simple mono-prints and then used in my photo transfers. I could not fit it in my car or my budget at this moment but I am still considering this unique work space.
I also picked up a few clearance items at the craft store and saw the valentine punches to make cards with the girls. I had picked up an antique valentine postcard that I am hoping to transfer for a woman's composition in the very near future. Maybe being snowed in is not such a bad thing for me...I love working on my quilts and my sharing a movie with Ken at the same time. I am going to get my camera now so that I can grab some shots to share with you all.
Word has arrived that the family kids are home safe and sound. I have been rummaging through a few fabric instructional/tutorial books from my library to "fill my tank" before I actually start after dinner. I so enjoy finding elements from a time gone by to use in my vision for the works about women's work. I hope you are all in safe and warm tonight as the flutters continue to fill our early evening skyline. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The good thing about being snowed in is work seems to go on forever, and that is great!
    The bad thing is when one of the two MUST get out for work, and the one at home worries herself GREEN over said person......
    I rather like being in; it seems like there are all these possibilities of things to do, or not do, as the notion strikes. You just have more TIME.


  2. What a wonderful snowperson! Life does go on here when it snows. Unless it's actually a blizzard and we are warned off the roads everything continues to hum along, even as the snow piles up another six inches. John is outside now at 7:45pm using the snowplower. He knows that he's going to have to do it again, in the morning. I on the other hand, played up in my studio, watching the deer carefully walk through the woods, looking for berries. :)Bea

  3. Glad to say no snow here, yea!!! However, now that life has returned to normal after the holiday frenzy, I'm staying in and trying to get some work done....I'll blame it on the wind and cold, but actually, it's just my chaotic studio.