Friday, January 8, 2010

snow day holiday...

The children were excited with the unexpected snow day holiday...I just wished we were all living closer to each other because the streets were treacherous for driving. I made my way through the day with laundry and making a big pot of a Cuban style pork and rice soup with loads of fresh vegetables. Tomorrow Ken and I will hopefully attend a friend's artist talk and palette knife demonstration down at the gallery and then come home to hot cornbread and our special soup. I am still wanting to get to the layers of painting on my vintage edged handkerchief with my January Wolf moon. I am always a wee bit timid when I return to the wet world of my mark making processes. I guess letting go of the fear is the main lesson for me and my heart. I watched tutorials last night until after one o'clock am. I had visited a followers blog...bluebirds in the meadow and she generously got my spark plugs fueled. I will share as I get into the steps and transfers... we will all be surprised.
Tonight we went to dinner with our neighbors who have been guardian angels with the snow removal since Ken's surgery. We were surprised to see so many out tonight because the streets were cruel. Yet there was a fund raiser for a young woman living with a brain tumor complete with live Jazz by the "Two Jazz Guys" supplying wonderful warming entertainment. We ended up there for a couple of warming hours and renewed old friendships with those I rarely get to see since I am not working at the gallery downtown. I found myself counting my blessing and smiling in gratitude for the gifts in my life. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I just signed up for Eric MAisels "Overcoming Creative Anxiety" on line, which has pages to print and also two adio feeds. I think it will be intereting as I can see myself in some of the examples already.
    I always have trouble transitioning from one medium to another; It is some fear or anxiety that I cannot put a finger to, so that was why I took the plunge. And for $25? Hey, I'll get my money's worth.
    What makes us stop before creating....comsidering that is what we were put here to do???? <:)


  2. Anne just discovered she truly needs to PROOF her posts to your blog.....
    Many apologies for the jibberish above!

    Anne, in need of the dictionary.....

  3. Stay warm. This is a nasty cold spell heading south and east. We finally have chipped away at the ice and snow to widen our paths and driveway. The dinner sounds delicious. :)Bea