Tuesday, January 12, 2010

back in the saddle...

Ken is back teaching as of today and he seems to be holding up pretty well. He is now eating four smaller meals during the day and this seems to level his blood sugars as he tries to gain back his strength and energy. I prepared fresh wild salmon with mushrooms and warmed up creamy mashed potatoes plus a large fresh spinach salad ...desert was a fresh clementine. We are working one step at a time to be healthier this year and baby steps seem to be the slow and steady way to go.
I have worked in the studio and on the computer most of the day. I went to my friend Anne Huskey Lockard's blog and ordered a special coffee cup to celebrate the beginning of my artful mornings. I am so slow in the computer skills I had to ask for assistance but I loved talking with Anne on the phone to complete my order...I think I ordered two...well Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I supporting my loco artist...:o). Love you Anne and your courage is contagious!
I am working in making a larger MESS instead of fixing things...I am working on Morgan's first birthday card for Friday...she is such a joy in our hearts. The Baptismal gift is coming together and I am trying to put colors together that will look nice in their home colors. I know artists are not supposed to really think about those concepts but the last time I didn't I found my graduation gift on the floor of my niece's closet floor. I was crushed...my sensitive gift that I thought would be priceless and totally unique did not quite make the grade. I know this family for Saturday's Baptism and they already have a piece of my work in their home so I am on surer footing. I keep bringing out more choices...when I am finished here I am going upstairs to sew the final composition together for Parker. Have a great evening and remember to cuddle down on cold nights like tonight.
I promised several friends I would put my studio photos up on the blog...YES ...I know it is crowded and a bit of a mess but I know where I need to go and organization is actually in process. A few months ago I shared my photos without shame and the conclusion was ...terminal. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I never think of the studio as a mess when I am in the middle of creating something. It's just part of the process. Now, after the project's done and it's still in creative disorder THEN I can call it a mess. :)Bea

  2. I think you're being too hard on yourself. :) I saw the mentioned photos. Tell Mr. Ken hello.


  3. Thankyou so much for the loving comments on my blog.

    I think creativity and tidiness are probably a bit of a contradiction, :)

  4. I love the mess!!! It is creativity happening....ideas brewing....wonderful things!
    And thank you for purchasing the mug; I sold two yesterday!!! I'm plugging myself...you can delete...


  5. I will post the finished composition tonight, the lace just did not work at all. I went with bright colors and my hand dyed bits and pieces. Stay warm. Peace, Mary Helen

  6. Your "mess" is so inspiring to me. It just means that a real artist is at work!