Monday, January 4, 2010

a Monday for reflections and the last Christmas cards...

I have one speed...slow...the three toed sloth is probably in my DNA helix...but I went to the bank, paid bills like all good Americans and made an exchange ...hopefully the last from Christmas. I came home and watched Dr. Oz as he assisted the chubby of America a gentle way of slowly altering our physical appearance and well being. Yes I am using the 9 inch plate and adding more fruits and vegetables. My god daughter sent me a DVD of gentle exercises to try increase my metabolism...when it is this cold I do like to take naps. Isn't that an exercise in lowering your stress levels? Was I just dreaming? Anyway after dinner I wrote a few more letters...snail mail is something you can hold in your hands and reread at will. Then I went up to gather bits and pieces of leftovers from the baptismal gown to make a healing little angel for a friend's studio. She has been in a real pickle lately but always has the best attitude and is full of laughter and a quick wit. She has had two major surgeries in the last year but for now there is clear, smooth sailing for 2010. I hope this little snail mail puts a smile on her beautiful face and brightens her favorite space...her studio.
We have frigid temperatures right now and the hot green tea is calling me as well as sugar free banana pudding for my evening snack. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my simple words. I feel connected and supported by mysterious threads of inspiration. You warm my heart and keep me focused as I work toward my whispers from my women. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. naps are officially stress reducers, therefore, they help you lose weight! At least in MY book, and that is the one I listen to! LOL!!!
    I tried t nap yesterday and had a gabby friend who called---now get this--I told her I was napping (I was too cold to work in the studio; weather) and figured she would hang up. Right? someone is napping, you hang up?
    Oh Noooooooooo.......she yammered until was sufficiently awake that I had a mild headache and no ability to sleep. I am sure I burned a few calories from the rant I cut loose with, lame as it was! LOL!
    Here am I going with this....yes, naps and hot green tea are the staples of a healthy body! And that's from Dr. Anne, who has had enough of medical experiences to almost have earned the title.....LOL!!!
    Stay warm dear friend! :)


  2. I really need to proof these things before I post....
    It is "Where am I going with this...."
    My brain froze yesterday.

  3. Mary Helen...naps are great stress relief. You do whatever you need for your health and well being. Listen to your inner being and you will find the answers of what is needed.

    Anne...venting is also great stress relief. Go for it here in a safe and understanding place.
    We all understand because we've all been there with the chatty friends who don't get the message that "now is not a good time"