Thursday, January 14, 2010

pray for the children....

I am still in angst over this natural disaster in an already poor country of gentle people. Doctors Without Borders is already there and working against the odds without needed supplies. I went to lunch with my youngest daughter and we celebrated the day being Sunny! I enjoyed just being with her and we chatted about the silliest things. She is working very hard to make ends meet and be all for the family and has very little time for herself. Once a month we meet for lunch and just enjoy each other without distractions. Today we talked about "being adopted" at the ages of three and four. Tina never slept through the night for the first year and had numerous surgeries to repair numerous infections that had gone untreated and could have left her permanently challenged. Today she does amaze me even though we rarely agree on very many aspects of life but this lunch arrangement seems to work and we can enjoy each other.
I hit the clearance sales at Michaels, JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby and made out like a bandit...WooHoo! It is really sad that finding such treasures at an itty bitty price just makes me giddy with glee. I got a few more punches for cards and collages and found bits of fabric as remnants which is a great way to collect accent colors and textures to use when I am at play at my Pfaff companion! I did find a couple "green" manufacturers of recycled buttons and I feel I am saving the planet by supporting recycling. I spent a good hour with a friend I ran into...she heard my voice at the fabric cutting table... and she is on her way to Australia and New Zealand in early February. We serve as volunteers on a committee with me and she has been absent for the last couple of meetings and I have really missed her. If I had $6000.00 and did not owe the hospitals a ton of money I would hop on board and make this trip with them...I am sure they will have a fantastic time and just being away from the icy cold months here in Ohio would be a real treat also.
"Life is so short...we must move very slowly." Thai proverb
Today was a great day...the sun was out and I puttered around and had a good lunch with my daughter and came home to sort my new treasures. I need to get back to quilting now so stay warm and enjoy Project Runway with Tim and Heidi...yes that is on in the background. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I put one of Jessica Phelp's photograph on top of the not this the most precious child...I am praying for her tonight because I just do not know where she is....Pray.


  1. Hi Mary - the images are all over our tv screens here too. What a tragedy...I feel so helpless; the images I saw were pretty harrowing and I just wanted to race over and do something. We have had plenty of tragedy here in the pacific too - Samoa was recently hit with a devastating earthquake and a tsunami...teh earth is so restless. Hey and I think I remember you asking me if I'd received some mail art from you? I can't remember if I answered or not? I didn't receive anything this end, sorry. Did you put your return to sender addy on it?

  2. Gave blood, made a donation to the Red Cross and now all I can do is include that country in my prayers and meditations. I too hit Joanne's today and Michael's, isn't that funny? I bought three Barbie dolls for $.25 each. I have a feeling that they will be taken apart and used in some mixed media. My Muse was buying fabric. I told her that I have more than enough but she replied, sharply, "Not for the projects I have in mind."
    shrug, what can you do? :)Bea