Saturday, January 30, 2010

artist trading cards...

It was so cold that I did not want to get outside the comfort of my covers. Ken's headache had finally let up and I was grateful that we had stayed in last night...he is still a quart and one half low...I keep kidding him :o). I watched my cooking shows and had my coffee in bed but finally recognized I needed to get moving. I had made a promise and I was going to stick to my word. I arrived at one clock and there were three other artists working... I am so glad I went. I made my focus for Valentines for those little hearts in my life. Before I knew it Michelle's two smallest children came and WE all worked together ...oh what a great time I think we all had. Rena made six special atc's with her own delightful touch and Owen made three atcs but was sadly disappointed because I did not have a stamp for a monster truck he needed. I think you can tell by the photos that he made do with what he had! His mother makes the most incredible pastel portraits of a dog and a cat. Her son's girlfriend stopped by and blew us out of the water with her first trading card and continued with her collage process...Well done Brittany. Before I knew it I discovered it was five o clock and I needed to get to the grocery and head home for a quick supper. Getting in and out of the cold was the most body would not warm up and I moved ever so slowly. When I got home after six I was worn out. I laid down for a short rest and three hours later here I am...not a real productive day or was it? Study the eyes...the process...the small gifts of artist trading cards...and a home to come home to with a man who patiently waited without complaining. "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time" and that is exactly what I did. Stay warm and hug yes HUG the people you love! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. OH a very productive day. Any day you create is a worthy day. I'm so glad you went and surrounded yourself with other artist friends and the energy of children. It's all so healing. :)Bea