Monday, January 11, 2010

"Of course I'm enjoying myself, there is no one else here to enjoy." Oscar Wilde

I am exercising by walking from the downstairs "man cave" to the second floor studio where I am still attempting to organize by seasons and art materials. It is time consuming (the organizing) but I have found myself relaxing just by being alone looking outside my large long window that overlooks the back hill. I am preparing to begin a simple composition for a small prayer cloth for a dear young friend who will be baptized on Saturday in the morning. Saturday night Ken and I are preparing a special dinner for our two dear 84 year old teenagers...this is their Christmas present to the people we love and they already have everything one could possibly want to own. French onion soup, Cornish hens with lemon zest and herb seasoning, fresh green beans with sesame seeds, mashed potatoes, spinach salad with almond and fruit garnishes. The dessert will be lemon meringue pie and Hawaiian Coffee. My mouth is watering as we prepare the menu and the special place cards I am planning to make. Sounds like good clean fun...I will post some pictures later in the week.
The snow is falling once again...we have had snow every day since December 27th and the kids are thrilled. I have printed the photo to be trimmed tomorrow and framed in some hand dyed fabrics and then ...I am not sure. I knew if I stitched it tonight I would want to make a change tomorrow so for now I am back to quilting in the man cave watching mindless TV with Ken. I was kind of bad today...I ordered a photo journalist book by Peter Beard from Amazon today...I say it is for further research but the truth is that I love his work in Africa and his mixed media images are quite intense. I have been making African fabrics to frame Immaculee's quilt about learning to forgive and the Healing process. I discovered she is also Catholic so I may be able to use some metaphors from my own experience and education. I need to get back to work for now. Have a great evening and stay warm. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Dinner sounds like it is going to be DELICIOUS. Have fun, you guys! :)Bea

  2. Mary, My mouth is watering too reading about this dinner. It sounds totally delicious. Hope the work on the prayer cloth goes well. It is so difficult to make things for others sometimes isn't it?

  3. I LOVE the doggie pic!!! What a face!
    And please, I would like that dinner too, as I have to get in the house and try and find something to cook for the DH this evening.
    This is a frustrating, nonstudio day.
    I guess I have gotten spoiled a bit..... >:[


  4. I wish you were both nearby because you could enjoy this feast for dear people who support us through thick and then. Rosie is my wonderful canine companion who usually keeps guard right beside me while I am working. The prayer cloth is like a contemporary Holy card in fabric ...I have gotten away from making them but now it seems the only appropriate gift for me to make. I will keep you posted on my progress. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart