Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Namaste breathing...my day's journey

It is still gray outside but the colors in my studio kept me busy and resorting the fiber design elements together. The mundane tasks like ironing the washed fabrics gave me the time I needed to put my buttons and threads in an assortment full of variety and playful nature. Tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend and afterwards I will make my rounds to Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores...I am looking for a few more aged fabric works created and discarded by anonymous persons or families. I go with an open heart hopefully to rescue these abandoned treasures to use to tell another woman's common story. I have got the dress in pieces so it is ready to playfully put together and trim to my heart's desire. I will post photos later of this process and maybe even the finished little dress.

I began another step to building my physical strength by learning a few small Yoga stretches and gentle breathing. Now I know I can not perform many of the techniques demonstrated but with a little stretch each day I am hoping to build up slowly. Now this looks so easy on the dvd and yet I can feel the stretch in my upper body and my arms already. I am eating more unprocessed fruits and vegetables along with my Greek yogurts. My snacks are almonds and blueberries even though I do still crave my old sweet snacks but I am really trying to make an honest effort. Tonight I made a sweet potato with a little butter and cinnamon topped with pecans for my dinner. I will be strong! I will be strong! ...one step at a time...I will be strong.

I am still waiting to receive Anne Huskey Lockard's wonderful Zazzle products...two Java 15 ounce coffee cups to celebrate the whole month of February...Ken assures me the holiday may have put a glitch in the delivery schedule...maybe tomorrow. I have used Vista print for the few items I have produced for family gifts and such but Zazzle does intrigue me. I will keep you posted on when they arrive. I need to get back to the big quilt for Kath Walker so I will close for now. I am working on the face aspects and without an outline I am allowing my intuition to guide my hand in my stitches. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

This quilt is called "Prayer for the Masaai Warrior" 8 feet by 5 1/2 feet... a contemporary funerary cloth I created for Ken. Double click photo for larger view.


  1. Love and support to you in your changes.

  2. Hmmmmmm....when I ordered stamps from them, I was thinking there was about a 10-12 day turn around time from the receipt of order.
    I'm anxious to see what you think, as I can only see the pic of the potential item. I have had GOOD luck with stamps, but then that is different. I assume a mug would take longer. I know Tristan said he had gotten an e-mail his had shipped....check on line to see if the product has shipped. I checked from my end and can't tell a thing...maybe I'm not looking in the right place!
    And I was naughty and snagged that sacred heart image....I collect those.....I am bad. <:)


  3. OOOOOOoooh I can't wait to see the funeral cloth. It sounds amazing. You are doing good things for your health and your spirit. And, that my friend spills out into the world. :)Bea

  4. Ah, I missed it up at the top. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!! :)Bea